Matrix Design Group has an advanced technology mine lighting product, UVision, which combines LED and safe spectrum UV for the first time in a mine-duty lighting system. This patent-pending technology not only delivers 50% brighter LED light, but the custom-developed LED array better illuminates reflective materials on clothing, helmets, machinery, storage boxes, cables and other marked mine items for higher visibility and greater contrast; dramatically improving the safety benefits of reflective materials.

Historically, reflective materials have relied on standard mine lighting for visibility. Not until UVision has a light been developed to make them truly stand out, whether viewed directly or through Matrix’s camera systems, the company said. In particular, when installed on mobile equipment, UVision provides the operator with additional peripheral and enhanced direct illumination, which could improve operating efficiency and provide the operator with an additional tool to help avoid collisions, the company continued.

The lights fit standard round enclosures, making staff retraining and equipment restocking unnecessary. Matrix also offers UVision lighting in its similar XP enclosure (pending Mine Safety and Health Administration approval) and non-XP housing. Moreover, UVision, which can be integrated with machine control systems to provide enhanced functionality like automatic red reverse lighting, offers all these elements for about the same cost as traditional LED lights, the company said. UVision is not just brighter, its better, the company added.