After a three-day standoff, coal miners in Pike County, Kentucky, who were blocking the railroad track demanding back pay, ended their protest. The four miners were paid and agreed to leave the tracks.

The miners camped out starting on Monday, January 13, and were blocking a train transporting coal from the Pike County mine owned by Quest Energy. The group, which originally included about a dozen miners, claimed they were owed two-weeks’ pay.

According to the company, the miners had been paid. On Quest Energy’s Facebook page, it said, “We have always paid everything we ever owe our employees and will continue to do so. There has been times when pay has been delayed, but we have always paid.”

American Resources, the parent company of Quest Energy, said the blockade ended after almost 50 employees went to the protest to try and defuse the situation. Lisa Little, an employee of Quest Energy, said, “At Quest Energy we are a family. Everyone in the company cares deeply for one another. The Company has provided opportunities for all of us to support families even throughout challenging times.”

American Resources Chairman and CEO Mark Jensen said, “Today’s actions and the massive outreach by our family on the ground is testament to the culture that we are building. American Resources is a company that has found success in buying distressed mining assets and utilize its talented team to restructure and restart such operations with a more affordable cost structure, for more sustainable employment.”