After completing its first test delivery of coal of 50,000 metric tons (mt) to Poland, DTEK Energy Holding said it is considering the possibility of ensuring regular coal export, despite the difficult logistics created by the war.

“We made the first test shipments of coal to Poland,” DTEK Executive Director Dmytro Sakharuk said in a commentary to the Energy Reform portal. “This is a small amount — 50,000 mt. Unfortunately, there are very big difficulties in terms of logistics, because the railway infrastructure in both Ukraine and Poland is not designed for such a volume of movement of goods, as well as ports in Poland, Gdansk and Gdynia. Therefore, there are test deliveries, but there are no large volumes, as it could be done via the sea, Pivdenny port, for example.”

He also said the company is considering the possibilities and continues to work out ways to supply coal to Poland.

“Coal from other sources is critical for Poland to replace the volume of deliveries from Russia that were banned,” he said. “It would be very good if Ukraine would lend a shoulder to Poland, which helps us a lot and would help the Poles survive the rejection of Russian coal.”

According to his calculations, in times of seasonal coal surplus, the energy holding could ship approximately 100,000-150,000 mt per month to Poland — the volume that remains after providing its thermal power plants and other consumers.

“This will not ensure full diversification of supplies, but it will be our contribution to the fact that our Polish friends will receive assistance,” DTEK’s top manager said. “It is suitable in terms of quality. You just need to learn how to quickly and smoothly deliver it to Poland.”

He said the supply of coal from Ukraine by rail is a faster and more economical alternative for the Poles compared to sea supplies.