Clean Coal Technologies Inc. (CCTI) is assembling a test facility near Fort Union, Wyoming, USA. CCTI uses technology to convert run of mine coal into a cleaner-burning and more efficient stabilized and dust-free fuel source. This second-generation facility will incorporate new features and designs following the successful testing of the company’s process in Oklahoma.

These new features and designs are a result of a collaboration between the company’s engineers and the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Research, who partnered with CCTI in 2017 to help optimize this technology for coal beneficiation and for the extraction of coal byproducts, which CCTI said are critical issues facing the Powder River Basin coal-producing region.

“This is a milestone event in our progress and is the result of more than 12 months of process enhancement analysis and beneficiation optimization,” CCTI COO Aiden Neary said. “The components and improvements in the coal beneficiation process and byproduct extraction engineered into our process represent first-of-a-kind, game-changing advancements that we believe will reverberate throughout the entire global coal industry.”

The University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Research is a leading research institutions in energy technology, particularly in the development of coal beneficiation and byproduct extraction. CCTI management will be prepared in the coming months to demonstrate their technology to potential customers and test international coal.