Big Rivers Electric Corp. (BREC) is soliciting proposals for steam coal and petroleum coke for it’s DB Wilson and RD Green generating stations. BREC wants to procure spot solid steam fuel, commencing on July 1 through December 31. It will also consider term offers for 2020 through 2024. BREC will consider varying qualities of coal and alternative fuels, pricing structures, or other concepts that would present a value to both parties.

Specifically, BREC is seeking up to approximately 25,000 tons per month of solid fuel for 2019 as spot delivery, and up to 500,000 tons of coal per year, for years 2020 through 2024. Bidder may offer any fuel, including petroleum coke, fuel blends or other alternative fuels.

Bidders are invited to submit more than one quote for each different fuel specification offered. However, all requested information must be provided for each individual set of fuel specifications proposed, including a Fuel Supply Bid and an Ultimate Fuel Analysis. Bidder must provide a recent Ultimate Fuel Analysis, including full ash mineral, trace elements and equilibrium moisture analysis for the bid to be considered.

Prices quoted shall be inclusive of any and all costs, including but not limited to taxes, fees, insurance requirements, on-site haulage, on-site blending, barge fleeting, and switching charges, loading charges/costs or like fees and expenses, which are the responsibility of the bidder. Fuel should be priced FOB barge, truck or generating station.

The bids are due at Big Rivers’ main office, 201 Third Street, Henderson, Kentucky, on Friday, May 10 at 1 p.m. Central Time, in hardcopy format. The bids will remain valid through Friday, May 31.

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For questions regarding this bid, contact Mark McAdams at (270) 844-6169 or Jeffrey Vandiver at (270) 844-6170.