Adani has marked its 10-year anniversary of operations in Australia by launching a new brand for its Australian mining business, Bravus Mining & Resources. The new arm of the company will be in charge of the Carmichael mine in Queensland, which has become quite a contentious project over the years. Construction of the coal mine and rail project is under way.

“Our 10 years in Australia has been a journey that has tested the resilience, skills and determination of our people and has confirmed the depth of our commitment to regional Queensland,” Bravus Mining & Resources CEO David Boshoff said. “We have made a significant investment in Queensland and we will be here for the long haul employing local people and doing business in Australia.”

Boshoff said the Carmichael Project has already created thousands of new jobs and opportunities for Queenslanders, with more than 1,500 people currently employed on the Carmichael mine and rail project and more than $1.5 billion worth of contracts have been awarded.

“We are proud to say that 100% of the people working on our project live in Queensland,” Boshoff said. “That has given us a strategic advantage during COVID restrictions and means we can keep working with few interruptions, providing a much-needed boost to the regional Queensland economy.”

“And there is still more construction and jobs to come as we head toward producing our first coal in 2021.”

Boshoff said there is a demand for thermal coal and the company has already secured 10 million metric tons per year (mt/y) of coal produced at the Carmichael mine, which is focused on India and Asia.

“The quality of coal from the Carmichael mine is better than the coal it will replace in the market, meaning it will produce fewer emissions when burnt to produce electricity, which makes it suitable for the new generation coal-fired power plants in India and Asia that are more energy efficient and produce fewer emissions,” he said.

Boshoff said the new Bravus name will become increasingly well-known as the brand rolls out over the next year in the lead up to the Carmichael mine becoming operational, and that the business was on track to produce first coal in 2021.