Dodge Hill had a safety incidence rate of 1.43, and 0.74 violations per inspector day. In addition to Dodge Hill, three other groups were recognized for their best-in-class safety performance:

•    Patriot Surface Mine, Henderson County, Kentucky
•    Hobet’s Beth Station Preparation Plant, Rock Creek, West Virginia
•    Panther Underground Mine, Cabin Creek, West Virginia

Finally, 10 organizations within Patriot were recognized for zero incidents in 2010: Hobet No. 23 Plant; Big Mountain Preparation Plant; Campbell’s Creek Surface Facilities; Contract Services Group; Harris/Rocklick Beltline; Little Creek Dock; Patriot Surface Mine; Rocklick Preparation Plant; Tom’s Fork Loadout; and Wharton Tunnel.

“Patriot’s safety programs are all about continuous improvement. Thanks to our employees’ careful and more focused attention to each other’s safety, Patriot’s accident rate improved again in 2010, making it the safest year in our history, for the fourth consecutive time since becoming a public company in 2007,” said Patriot Senior Vice President and COO Charles A. Ebetino Jr. “We are intent upon providing the safest work environment possible and improving our safety compliance programs company-wide. By recognizing and sharing best practices in safety, we will make further progress toward our goal of zero accidents every shift of every day. We congratulate all of our award winners and look forward to an even safer 2011.”