The awards were presented by officials from the U.S. Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSM) during ceremonies hosted by the National Mining Association (NMA) in Washington, D.C.

“The NMA is proud of these award winners for the commitment they have shown to modern mining techniques, to best practices and to the communities in which they operate,” said NMA President and CEO Hal Quinn. “Their work has contributed to the nearly 3 million acres of land successfully reclaimed by America’s mining companies over the past quarter century. This is sustainable mining that represents the future of mining in America.”

OSM Deputy Director Glenda Owens presented her agency’s awards to the winning coal mine operators. All winners were selected by judges from the respective awarding agencies. OSM award winners included:

  • National Award: Big Horn Coal Co., Big Horn Mine (Montana) and Oxford Mining Co., The Jockey Hollow West Mine Site (Ohio)
  • Director’s Award: Western Energy Co., Rosebud Mine (Montana) and Peabody Energy Corp., Big Sky Coal Co., Big Sky Mine Area B (Montana)
  • Good Neighbor Award: Oxford Mining Co., The Jockey Hollow West Mine Site (Ohio)

The Department of the Interior’s Reclamation and Sustainable Mineral Development Awards recognize outstanding reclamation activities that restore land to other productive uses following mining operations and community outreach programs that provide valuable infrastructure and conservation services to local communities. The “Good Neighbor” category recognizes outreach efforts that provide local teachers with hands-on training to help students better appreciate conservation practices, sponsor mining tours for the local public and support community activities. The Department of the Interior began the environmental awards program for mining in 1986 with the OSM’s “Excellence in Surface Coal Mining Reclamation” award.