Ukraine’s coal mining enterprises, according to preliminary data, reduced coal production by 3.5% or 2.5 million metric tons (mt) in January-October year-over-year, to 68.6 million mt. A source in the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry said that mining of coking coal for the period decreased by 5.2%, or 1.1 million tons, to 19.6 million mt; and steam coal by 2.8%, or 1.4 million mt, to 49.1 million mt.  The coal mining companies managed by the ministry reduced coal production by 4.6%, or 950,000 mt, in January-October this year, to 19.7 million mt. Coking coal production decreased by 8.6%, or 520,000 mt, to 5.5 million mt; and energy coal by 2.9%, or 431,100 tons, to 14.192 million tons.