The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and the Commonwealth of Kentucky are pledging to work together to ensure a clean, reliable and affordable energy supply over the next decade. TVA officials recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the state’s Energy and Environment Cabinet committing both agencies to a list of goals for the development and use of energy resources through 2020.

“This agreement is an example of our long-term commitment to providing clean and renewable energy sources to the Tennessee Valley,” said TVA Senior Vice President of Environment and Research Anda Ray. “This effort is important not only to the environment, but also to the region’s economy and the welfare and quality of life for the residents of Kentucky.”

The memorandum reaffirms TVA’s goal of reducing peak electricity demand on its system by up to 1,400 megawatts by 2012 and to generate at least 50% of its electricity from clean energy resources by 2020. The TVA also pledges to continue programs such as Green Power Switch and Energy Auditing and to keep working on more programs that are mutually beneficial to the state and the TVA.

Kentucky’s EEC agrees to work with other state agencies to promote clean energy resources through expedited permitting of such energy-resource projects; to promote and establish requirements and incentives for construction of energy-efficient homes, businesses and industries; support the development of infrastructure for alternative-fueled and electric vehicles; and to assist local governments and small businesses in improving energy efficiency of existing buildings.

“This agreement works hand-in-hand with Kentucky’s seven-point strategy for energy efficiency and will help us work with the TVA in bringing about energy and environmental changes that will better serve the public,” said Energy and Environment Secretary Len Peters.

Both parties also agree to work together to educate the public, including teachers and students, about the prudent use and conservation of energy.

The agencies will also produce an inventory of renewable energy resources in Kentucky. The state will participate in the TVA’s process to upgrade its integrated resource plan to explore future energy and resource stewardship needs across the Valley.

As part of the process, the TVA will hold public meetings around the state to enhance public involvement as well as an annual public meeting on the development and use of energy resources. A complete copy of the memorandum can be found at or