coalGALLERY2_image_23The Spike TV original series explores coal mining through the eyes of Mike Crowder and Tom Roberts, part-owners of Cobalt mine in Westchester, W.Va., and the area’s hard-working miners, families and community members. Crowder and Roberts face pressure every minute of every day not only to keep the mine up and running, but also to keep their workers safe in a highly combustible environment where one wrong move could prove deadly. Every aspect of the job will be covered, from the dangers with underground mining to the lengths to which the mine goes to ensure worker safety to the sense of accomplishment and pride in finally bringing coal to the surface.

Crowder and Roberts are loyal family men and require the support of their loved ones to tackle the daily demands of the mine. Roberts’ commitment to the job is reflected in a mining career that’s spanned more than 45 years. He has seen his share of accidents and knows that any mistake can bring disaster. Crowder learned to get his hands dirty at a young age, growing up the son of a tire shop owner. A former college football star, he worked as a computer consultant for 20 years until he went into business with Roberts in 2007. The pair struck up a coal mining partnership while watching their sons practice football.



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