The Web site takes its name from the miners’ tradition of sharing a specific safety reminder at the beginning of every shift. SafetyShare.Org uses the power of the Internet as one component of a larger effort to share safety programs, best practices, procedures and presentations on a real-time basis among mining operations. “SafetyShare.Org harnesses a broad array of tools, resources and practices,” Quinn said. “The initiative will tap the expertise of technology providers and safety professionals, engage in partnerships with government and academia, and promote awareness campaigns, programs and safety practices; all directed at achieving our goal of zero injuries at U.S. mines.

“SafetyShare.Org is a platform to facilitate a robust exchange of information and approaches that are part of our drive toward excellence in mine safety and health,” Quinn said. “It is a dynamic—rather than static—project because the evolving nature of 21st Century mining and the people and technologies that shape it demand that we provide for flexibility and greater synergisms in our safety efforts. Just as our work force is changing and mining technology is constantly improving, our efforts on health and safety must remain open to new challenges, approaches and opportunities.”