The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has launched version 2.0 of the
ErgoMine app, an on-the-ground resource for miners and mine safety and health professionals. The auditing app helps to identify, record, and track ergonomics and safety hazards that can lead to injuries, illnesses and fatalities at the worksite.

“ErgoMine 2.0 puts a powerful and easy-to-use auditing tool right where mining professionals need one — in their hands,” NIOSH Associate Director for Mining Dr. Jessica Kogel said. “ErgoMine is a versatile app that mine safety professionals and workers alike can use to identify and address musculoskeletal hazards at the jobsite.”

The updated ErgoMine app for iOS and Android devices includes checklists to identify slip, trip, and fall hazards on walkways, stairways, and fixed ladders. The new version also offers forms to identify and evaluate risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders. These forms include evaluations for hand tools, manual tasks, and ergonomic workplace improvements, a risk factor reporting card, and a musculoskeletal symptom evaluation. In addition, the updated app features a fix list manager to help users track changes needed at their worksites.

Users can access the app on their mobile device or print PDFs to use the same functionality in hard copy. To install the ErgoMine 2.0 app, visit the NIOSH Mining webpage at