Those attending the Mining Sector meeting on Tuesday, March 29, are also invited to participate, at no cost, in two training modules to be presented on March 30th. The two modules include a demonstration of the Virtual Reality Emergency Response Training Module and a presentation on training related to the SR100 SCSR. The 2.5-hour workshop will provide hands-on interactions.

Attendees will receive information on key components of mine emergency response along with the limitations and performance characteristics of the SCSR when used in an emergency situation. The class size is limited to 25 attendees.

In addition to the breakout sessions, poster and equipment displays of protective ensembles and respirators will be present, and related demonstrations will be given for each industry sector.

Gordon Graham will be the luncheon Keynote Speaker. Graham will be speaking to the topic of Personal Protective Technology and Risk Management. He is known for his dynamic speaking ability and his extensive background in law enforcement training.