“Power generation efficiency and emissions are widely discussed topics around the world and will play a critical role, especially in existing coal fleets, in how we work to meet future energy demands and challenges on a global scale,” said Pradip Dahake, managing director, GSECL. “India is no exception. When it came time for us to modernize some of our generation equipment, it was GE’s cross-fleet service capabilities that gave us the efficiency and emissions improvements we were looking for.”

At Ukai, GE modernized a 200-megawatt (MW) steam turbine (Unit No. 4) at the 1,350-MW Ukai power station with its ASP technology, which features high-pressure and intermediate-pressure full module upgrades and a low-pressure inner block upgrade.

The retrofit will extend the unit’s life by 25 years, and it restored its output back to its original capacity of 200 MW. Final tests at Ukai’s plant displayed more efficient operations that will help the plant reduce its coal consumption by more than 140,000 tons per year (tpy) and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 180,000 tpy.

Upgrading Ukai is a milestone project for GE’s Powering Efficiency Center of Excellence, which aims to slash global CO2 emissions from the world’s fleet of existing coal plants through a total plant hardware and software solution approach, GE said.