American Energy officials said in a statement that they filed the motion following McClendon’s use of “American Energy” in marketing his business, which they called a misappropriation and infringement of American Energy Corp.’s trade name. Company representatives cited the marketing move as violating Ohio’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act and the state’s Common Law of Unfair Competition.

“American Energy Corp. incorporated 20 years prior to McClendon’s attempt to steal our name and goodwill, is not only a major employer in southeastern Ohio, but also has regularly-marketed and sold coal throughout the eastern United States during this time,” the statement added. “Clearly McClendon, who was ousted from his prior post at Chesapeake Energy, is attempting to cause confusion and further his goal of eliminating the use of coal in America.”

American Energy officials said McClendon donated $51.5 million to the Sierra Club and American Lung Association to eliminate the use of coal — the jobs and livelihoods dependent on its mining and utilization. “This has created extreme ill will toward Mr. McClendon and his companies,” American Energy added. “We will take all legal actions to protect our goodwill and reputation.”