Financial details have not been disclosed by either party.

The assets include the EMC No. 9 mine and the Roxana preparation plant in Knott and Letcher county in Kentucky. The mine, which was idled in July, produced 393,000 tons of thermal coal in the first half of this year.

The complex will see a production restart with the Texas-based buyer, officials said.

“With the sale of the Enterprise mining complex to Kingdom Coal, we have commenced the implementation of our strategy to divest non-strategic properties,” ANR CEO David Stetson said. “As we review divestitures of properties, identification of third parties that will retain our team members and resume operations is paramount. In this case, we were pleased that Kingdom Coal has indicated a desire to restart the Enterprise mines and retain many of our team members.”

Stetson has not ruled out the potential for the divestiture of other non-strategic assets.

ANR, which moved its headquarters to Kingsport, Tennessee, earlier this year, now has 17 active mining operations.