According to new documentation filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in Richmond, where the case is being heard, the producer has added the Bandmill, Delbarton, Inman/Admiral, Litwar and Mammoth complexes in West Virginia, as well as the Sidney and Roxana complexes in Kentucky.

Bandmill includes the Highlands surface and highwall mine, Hernshaw mine and Cedar Grove No. 2 mine, and the Mammoth complex includes the Empire surface mine, Laurel Coalburg mine, Republic surface and highwall mines, and Slabcamp Stockton mine.

The Delbarton complex has just one mine on the list, Kielty, and the Inman/Admiral complex mines listed are Black Castle surface and highwall mine and the Randolph/Inman mine. The Litwar complex includes Horse Creek No. 1 and the Lower War Eagle operation.

Finally, in Kentucky, the Sidney and Roxana complexes have a single mine listed for each: the Process Energy mine and EMC No. 9 operation, respectively.

Of the 15 mines listed in the recent filing, 14 are active operations.

The listing in its entirety is available to view here.

Alpha originally filed for Chapter 11 in August. At the time, it secured an 18-month debtor-in-possession (DIP) package totaling $692 million from Citigroup.

A bidding deadline of January 20 has been for all of the mines. If that bidding results in an auction, that event is scheduled for January 27.