CKIT is a Cape Town, South Africa-based materials handling consulting and engineering company that has dozens of pipe conveyor installations — moving everything from coal, limestone, and cement to fertilizer, paper pulp, and ash. Through this alliance, Wolf Point becomes one of only a handful of firms with the capability to provide complete EPC pipe conveyor systems in North America.

Pipe conveyors resemble troughed conveyors at the loading and discharge ends. But between the two material transfer points, idler rollers transition the belt into a tube, virtually eliminating material loss and helping to meet strict environmental regulations. Plus, their closed design allows for triangular galleries, which can be equipped with maintenance trolleys instead of walkways — a change that saves weight, improves balance, and cuts construction costs on the length of the conveyor. What’s more, pipe conveyors can negotiate tighter curves and take steeper inclines and declines than conventional troughed conveyors, with fewer transfer points. They can handle any kind of bulk material.