“With our increasing platform of safety-related products, the partnership with NLT is a natural extension of our service to the coal mining industry,” said Rory Paton-Ash, president, Strata Products. “We are excited to be working with NLT in this and are looking forward to the business opportunities ahead.”

NLT’s line of cap lamps includes:  Eclipse, which has a small, lightweight lithium ion (Li-ion) battery pack that weighs less than a pound, and its super-bright LED lamp head does not require bulb replacement (MSHA approved);  Polaris, which is an all-in-one cordless cap lamp with a Li-ion battery all in one enclosure that weighs only 6 oz. (MSHA approval expected Q2, 2010); GII, which are available with LED or incandescent lamp heads and have optional Li-ion or nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries (MSHA approved intrinsically safe); GII PTO, which is a GII cap lamp that can power secondary loads, such as remote controls, air filters and VoIP handsets; GIII R, a radio/cap lamp that includes a complete Motorola two-way radio; and the Messenger, which is a digital cap lamp featuring an integrated 802.11 compliant communication device.