According to Kohmuench, Eriez flotation technology offers distinct advantages over column flotation and conventional cells. “The efficiency of this flotation device surpasses that which can be achieved by other individual techniques or separators,” Kohmuench said.

Other major advantages include:
•    Improved sparging incorporating “pre-aeration” techniques;
•    Lower required residence time;
•    Significant drop in cell size (and both static and live loads);
•    Significant drop in horsepower;
•    Uses low hp blower and not high hp compressors;
•    Uses “wash water” and deep froths to provide column-like metallurgy; and
•    Can be easily incorporated into existing installations for de-bottlenecking.

Kohmuench said by employing StackCell technology, prep plant managers enjoy many advantages that would not be possible with traditional units. “A plant manager recently purchased a three-stage unit to treat 45 tph,” said Kohmuench. “Using column flotation technology, this would have required two 14-ft diameter by 28-ft tall cells with two compressors with 410 hp installed. The new three-stage device treats the same material in less than half the volume, one-third the footprint and one-third the installed power.” According to Eriez, this technology is ideal for overloaded conventional cell circuits.
McLanahan Celebrates 175th Anniversary
To commemorate McLanahan Corp.’s 175 years in business and six generations of family management and ownership, McLanahan will host an Open House on August 29 at the Hollidaysburg Facility. The Open House is a celebration to thank the employees, the local community, customers and vendors. Tours will be given inside the office and shop areas, and a tent will be setup with refreshments and memorabilia.

In 1835, McLanahan Corp. was founded by James Craig McLanahan in Hollidaysburg, Pa., and the company began as a modest foundry. Currently, McLanahan enjoys the distinction of being one of the oldest family-owned businesses in the country. They are a world leader in the manufacturing of processing equipment and systems for mineral and aggregate industries. For more information regarding the Open House call 814-695-9807.