Designed to withstand the heaviest load conditions that one could expect, the TenCate’s strengths vary from a 600/400 KN (40,000 lb x 27,500 lb) product being used behind the caving shields and a 300/200 KN (20,500 lb x 13,700 lb) product extending over the canopies and down the face where required.

DSI has developed these flame retardant and anti-static products with safety in mind. Installation is fast and miners can expect a reduction in lost time accidents associated with handling metal or other polymer products that have sharp edges resulting in lacerations.

DSI employs mining engineers, and claims to have the “Inventor of Record” of the first polymer grid structure ever patented on staff. The company’s experience spans decades and hundreds of longwall screen installations. The company works with longwall coordinators on the design, provides drawings and specifications, completes or assists in the fabrication and also places engineers on site during installation and shield recovery operations. According to the company, DSI personnel will not only stand behind these products but they will also stand under them.