Located at www.tier4.info, the Web site content is based on more than 40,000 hours accumulated experience of Tier 4 powered equipment on customer field tests and evaluation tests by equipment manufacturers.

“The clear message from our field test customers is that they prefer using equipment repowered with Cummins Tier 4 engines, compared with the equivalent Tier 3 engines they replaced,” said Hugh Foden, executive director, off-highway business, Cummins.

“Field test equipment operating on commercial service has demonstrated improved engine response and lower fuel consumption, while achieving the same exceptional levels of uptime achieved by the Tier 3 installations,” Foden said. “The Web site provides an ideal way of sharing the experiences of Cummins field test equipment operators with others in the industry who would like to understand more about the performance of Tier 4 powered equipment compared with Tier 3.”

The Web site is expected to provide a useful educational resource for OEM dealers, rental companies and equipment operators. Visitors to the site can learn about the next generation technology, including details about Cummins exhaust aftertreatment and Direct Flow air cleaner.