BKT announced its winter ranges Earth-max SR 22, Snow Trac and Earthmax SR 42 for OTR applications as well as Earth-max SR 33 and Ridemax IT 696 for the industrial sector. The tires feature tread designed in specific patterns for cold season applications, providing traction on muddy or snowy surfaces, the company reported. They offer maximum grip, optimum braking response in any condition, safety, handling, riding comfort, resistance and durability, BKT said. The ranges also offer top performance in normal conditions on dry terrain. BKT’s Earthmax SR 22 (G-2/L-2) is an all-steel radial tire specifically designed for graders and loaders operating in extreme winter conditions on ice or snow. It features excellent traction and stability due to its large, non-directional tread design, which also ensures utmost safety and increased grip on wet surfaces or snow, the company reported. SNOW TRAC for skid steers is an ideal tire for operations on snow or ice due to the special tread design that eliminates the risk of slippage, providing at the same time optimum driving comfort to the operator. The Earthmax SR 42 for haul trains is engineered to provide particular resistance against cuts and wear, and to ensure safety at extremely low temperatures.

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