The Simpson Eagle is a programmable digital meter with a reinforced fiberglass enclosure that protects the electronics from weather, harsh environmental conditions and cleaning operations. It measures AC/DC voltage, AC current or frequency. The user programs the Eagle by computer via an included USB port and cable. The programming can create bar graphs and preset alarms that alert operators when an established parameter is out of range. It also can set configurable backlighting that colors the screen white, red or green to instantly indicate the state of the system being monitored. The screen incorporates a message board that displays four-character custom messages, alarms and annunciators that keep the operator informed as to the state of the meter and the system it is monitoring. The Eagle meter runs on main power of 100-240 VAC. It is field-configurable to use 120 VAC output to power sound or light alarms to immediately alert operators of problems. It can interact with other equipment using control relays, and is available with or without those relays. The Eagle is also available in a format enabling it to function as a rate and process meter.