The Posidyne Size 30 consists of seven basic components: the input shaft that is connected to the motor or engine; the output shaft that is connected to the load; a clutch and brake stack consisting of multiple alternating friction discs and drive plates; a centrally located piston between the brake and clutch that will engage either the clutch, or brake, but never overlap to engage both at the same time; the piston seals (o-rings with Teflon liners with each o-ring); springs tending to push the piston to the brake side; and the transmission fluid that makes the whole unit possible.

The Posidyne Size 30 provides quiet, smooth, maintenance-free, operation with no adjustment or regular downtime required. It features a totally-enclosed, heavy duty, foot-mounted, cast iron sealed housing operation in dirty, dusty, wet environments. In the mine or outside, at loading facilities, on barges or boats, the Size 30 functions with no regular maintenance intervention during its 40,000,00-cycle design life.

The multiple disc friction stacks provide high torque and thermal capacity in a low inertia compact package. Highly developed friction materials function optimally with the transmission fluid and resist wear. Teflon liners protecting every piston O-ring seal eliminates cracking and leaking of the O-ring seal, and provides smoother quicker engagement. Because there is virtually no wear of the friction material, piston travel is reduced, using less actuation air or hydraulic fluid, and providing a quicker response.