United Central has introduced the new Industrial Scientific MX4 multi-gas detector to the mining industry. The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) assigned Approval No. 22-A090001-0 to the MX4 iQuad multi-gas detector. The MX4 is now permitted for use in U.S. mines under Title 30 CFR, Part 22.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer customers the MX4,” said United Central Gas Detection Product Manager Steve Tomalewski. “This device is an essential part of mine safety.”
Configuring the MX4 to detect carbon monoxide, oxygen, and 0-5% of volume methane makes the instrument ideal for most mining applications. Adding a nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensor customizes the unit for mines where diesel-powered equipment is used.

Small, rugged and simple to use, the MX4 is ideal for harsh underground mining environments. A rubber overmold covers its polycarbonate housing to protect the MX4 from high-impact bumps and drops. The housing has also been third-party tested and certified IP66 and IP67. This ingress protection rating indicates that the MX4 is dust-tight and resistant to both water jets and submersion. The MX4 uses a combination of three alarms. Ultra-bright LEDs, a 95 db audible alarm and a powerful vibrating alarm all warn users of hazardous gas levels.