The Sturdilite Master Series is an impact-resistant, long-lasting, low-voltage LED floodlight designed specifically for mobile mining equipment. For an environment that does not typically allow for fixture longevity, Phoenix Lighting said it has rewritten the standards by building and testing this fixture for every extreme. The Master Series is IK10 rated and features a super heavy-duty harp to withstand significant and continuous shock and vibration. The durable yet compact design also features a dirt, dust and debris-resistant lens coating.

The Master Series comes in two voltage options — 12-48 V and 24-48 V, and two versions, 24 W and 48 W, that produces up to 2,500 and 5,000 lumens, respectively.

The Master Series uses Osram LEDs and has a 5000K color temperature.

The Master Series has three application-specific beam patterns: spot, flood and elliptical, to optimize light output and distribution for all equipment. An additional key feature includes the aiming indicators on the harp that ensure easy installation and replication of the beam angles.