Debuted at ConExpo 2014, Manitowoc presented Grove’s new 70-ton RT770E with KZTM100, the first synthetic hoist rope designed specifically for mobile cranes. This product is a result of a joint application development between Samson, a leading synthetic rope manufacturer, and Manitowoc.

The KZTM100 hoist rope offers many benefits. It is 80% lighter than wire rope and boasts torque neutral construction that eliminates load spin and cabling. The new hoist material also makes for easy handling, reeving, and installation as it reduces kinking, bird caging and damage from other types of cable-spooling issues.

A combination of lab tests and field trials consumed 24,500 ft of rope over the course of 14,000 cycles of reliability testing. Two other independent companies tested the rope as well. As a result of this extensive testing and development, Samson constructed a rope that meets the performance requirements of Manitowoc. KZTM100 is corrosion resistant, requires no lubrication, is durable, and is easy to work with, which reduces wear on drums and sheaves.