Logan Industries recently secured its first mining cylinder repair contract. In addition to the mining cylinder repair work, Logan will support the customer’s Hitachi 5500/5600 shovel cylinders and the Epicroc Pit Viper 271 surface drill feed cylinders. Logan will also put together a remanufacture program for the centerpiece of the customer’s mining activity — the large Cat 6060F shovel. The Cat 6060F work marks Logan’s third remanufacture program.

“Because this customer is located in a remote part of the U.S., very few suppliers choose to make the journey to their site,” said Dean Carey, Logan technical director. “They selected Logan for this repair work because we were able to provide on-site service and support, engineering solutions, and demonstrate the high quality of our work upfront in a written project experience report.

“As Logan gets started in the mining industry, we are making long-term plans to support our customers during emergency repairs and during planned outages,” Carey said. “And as always, we are committed to delivering customized solutions for customers that need our specialist support.”