“The RL-12 is value engineered for all those places where load-bearing capacity isn’t critical,” said Tom Flickinger, vice president, Zero Man Door. “Miners tell us that, in about four out of five cases, all they need is a lightweight door that goes in easily, operates trouble-free, and maintains a tight seal.” The RL-12’s simple unibody construction simplifies handling and installation while retaining key safety features like rolled, no-snag door edges; high-visibility warning reflectors; and an exclusive auto-close mechanism that eliminates slamming and keeps hands and feet out of harm’s way. For safe passage between high- and low-pressure spaces, the RL-12 comes with a built-in equalizer port that doubles as a rock-dusting access point.

“Where safety dictates a crush-resistant door, there’s no substitute for the Zero Man Door,” said mining veteran Larry Cassidy, who has installed hundreds of Zero Man Doors at CONSOL Energy operations. “The RL-12 is about half the weight and about half the price of the Zero. It still has the best air seal in the industry, to keep more air flowing out to the mine face. And two guys can put one up in less than an hour. So, for a lot of applications, I’d go with the little brother.”

According to Flickinger, input from miners, mining engineers and mining operations managers drove the RL-12’s design, engineering and manufacture. It comes in standard sizes from 30- x 30-in. to 42- x 60-in., with adjustable frames to fit 6-in., 8-in., and thicker stopping walls.