The 2021 Cat 7495 and 7495 HF Electric Rope Shovels combine multiple standard feature upgrades that could increase operating efficiency up to 10%. Component enhancements, increased frame durability and improved serviceability could help reduce cost per ton of material moved by as much as 15%, according to Cat.

“Consistently, our customers tell us machine availability and productivity are primary contributors to their operation’s success. From the full adaptive control system for HydraCrowd to more innovative technology and data security, the advances made to the 2021 electric rope shovels reflect our commitment to meeting their needs,” said Dan Wyatt, Cat product manager for electric rope shovels. “Many of these improvements are compatible with shovels in the field, so customers can realize these gains through upgrades to their existing fleets as well as new machine purchases.”

A new propel gear case for the 7495 and 7495 HF models nearly doubles the life of propel gear cases in some extreme operating conditions. Adjustments to gearing geometry and advancements in tooth hardening enhance gear-case durability and productivity. The result is lower total cost of ownership as much as $8 per hour when the drive system is replaced at one scheduled time, the company said. Also, an ecology drain simplifies oil draining and enables kidney-loop flushing, reducing abrasion-causing contaminants and oil change frequency, Cat said.

Updates to the 7495 AC electric-drive system deliver greater reliability, improved maintenance access, enhanced safety, and expanded high-altitude and temperature capabilities. A liquid-cooled motion regulator cabinet efficiently dissipates heat generated by electrical components. A faster propel transfer switch cuts lag time by 75% to improve productivity, while common motors in multiple applications means fewer parts to stock, improved parts availability and simplified maintenance.

A reconfiguration of the crawler carriage allows drive shaft and tumbler replacement from the outboard side without removing the propel transmission. With this design, thrust loads are evenly distributed on large, tapered roller bearings rather than bronze thrust plates, increasing durability to align with 25,000-hour planned rebuilds, even in harsh environments, according to Cat.

Stress from every load passes through the swing rack. An enhanced design includes a single-piece rail casting that eliminates vertical segment cracks to increase durability. The rail provides a uniform path for roller movement, preventing rollers from coming loose and creating irregular wear patterns. The upgraded third rail improves access for inspection and retightening plus added support to the thrust rail during operation. New swing girder bushings and girder-to-chassis shim designs offer improved access, reducing service time.

Both the 7495 and 7495 HF come standard with Product Link Elite, which transmits critical machine operating data such as utilization, location and condition via cellular or site internet connection. Added router functionality helps to protect data security. Advanced productivity tools within Product Link Elite enable a cycle segmentation algorithm, and the combined data allows for advanced analysis of productivity.