The deal covers a complete shearer-type longwall, transport vehicles, belt systems, spares as well as extensive technical support and training.

The equipment is destined for the Adriyala coalfield at SCCL’s GDK 10 A Incline in the Ramagundam area. The longwall will have an operating range of 2.8 – 3.6 meters. Delivery will be completed by the end of the first quarter, 2011.

This important deal represents SCCL’s largest-ever investment in a single project and includes extensive technical support and training in addition to the mining equipment. The targeted production capacity is about five times greater than any previous volume achieved by other SCCL longwalls.

The longwall must achieve average production of 15,000 metric tons per day (mt/d) as well as peak performance of 18,000 mt/d. Longwall availability of 90% is targeted.

The longwall consists of an Electra 3000 Evo shearer with 2.245 kW installed power, 154 hydraulic roof supports equipped with PMC-R control units, 260 meters of armored face conveyor, bridge stage loader, lump breaker, gate belt conveyor, and electrical equipment. A total of 10 vehicles and trailers and a monorail for power pack and electrics are also included.

This will require a sophisticated maintenance strategy as well as a perfectly organized inventory concept, as this remote Indian mining area is six hours’ drive from the nearest airport. Annual production of 4.5 million mt is targeted.

The longwall will be the most modern in India and its productivity will be many times that of India’s existing aging longwalls. Bucyrus is working closely with the customer to ensure the smooth and successful introduction and operation of this new technology, which is revolutionary for India.

SCCL is jointly owned by the government of Andhra Pradesh (51%) and the Indian Government (49%). The Singareni coal reserves totaling 8,791 million mt extend over 350 km in the state of Andhra Pradesh on the south-east coast of India. SCCL operates 13 open-cast and 42 underground mines with a workforce of some 78,000.