A new animation produced by Eriez Flotation enables the visualization of its cutting-edge StackCell Flotation Technology. It describes how this machine decouples bubble-particle attachment and froth phase recovery, which allows the industry to minimize the footprint of an industrial flotation plant, including size, foundation loadings and power consumption. This device is a step forward in the industry drive to extract minerals more sustainably.

As described in the animation, the StackCell design takes advantage of a patented independent-contacting chamber. Feed slurry and air enter this chamber and are subjected to intense shear to generate bubbles and turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rates to promote contacting with the hydrophobic species. Particle collection is achieved in this section and the bubble-particle matrix is subsequently discharged into a quiescent phase separation chamber.

The animation illustrates the purpose of the collection and separation chamber, offering viewers an over-view of the physical attributes of each and the benefits of a decoupled flotation system. The importance of froth-pulp separation and the effective use of wash water is also explained.