Equipping powered roof supports (PRS) with a multifunctional Joy Compak Next Gen hydraulic control system could improve longwall performance and help facilitate shearer cutting rates with exceptional cycle time performance, according to Komatsu. 

The Joy Compak system features corrosion-resistant materials on valve block assemblies, components and the main body. With a reduced number of components to lessen wear and tear, the spool valve in the system is engineered to handle higher flow rates. The units can be retrofitted to any PRS system (regardless of manufacturer).

The hydraulic control system is expectedto improve cycle times by up to 12%, compared to the previous model. Designed with operators in mind, this hydraulic system’s overall size is reduced by up to 27% and weight by up to 30% compared to previous models, making it easier to position, while improving accessibility.

Komatsu said its proven seal technology helps prevent leakage in hydraulic spools. A simplified, standardized hydraulic circuit design helps provide a reduction in the number of spool valves without impacting performance of the unit. This design minimizes fitting and connecting hoses, to help reduce potential leak points.

The system can be easily expanded (over 16 functions) to increase functional requirements to suit the operation’s needs. For example, a standard 10-spool valve can be expanded with ease through separate two- and four-spool expansion modules.

To help reduce lead times for replacement parts and streamline maintenance, the hydraulic control system features a modular design incorporating a series of standard components. Easy to change cartridge-style construction makes replacement straightforward and manageable. Manifolds, valve assemblies, cartridge valves and fittings are all standard as part of the system’s modular design. The modular approach also makes upgrades easy.