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Stockpile Management

Kespry’s new enterprise-grade inventory management monitors, reconciles, and manages inventory data across sites, product lines and divisions. Users can reconcile data from their drone surveys with data from ERP and other...

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Gas Detector Released to NA Markets

Dräger released the X-am 8000 multigas detector to the U.S. and Canada markets. It can simultaneously detect up to seven gases, including flammable gases, vapors and oxygen. The company described it as smaller, lighter,...

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Clamping Strips for Trefoil Clamping

Beele Engineering announced new clamping strips that secure three high-tension cables in a trefoil clamp, dubbed the RockRoller. The strips, made of Beele’s NOFIRNO rubber, help bundle high-voltage wires that will cross...

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Online Class for Lubrication Solution Sales

Luber-finer added Module 6 to its free online education web program for distributers, sales associates and others. The company described it as a comprehensive training tool that educates users on outside filtration sales and the...

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Synthetic Grease Reduces Torque, Nixes Costs

ExxoMobil launched Mobil SHC Polyrex 102 EM synthetic grease, which, the company reported, is proven to increase the mechanical efficiency of electric motors. During proprietary-bearing energy-efficiency rig tests that collected...

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Non-toxic Road/Soil Enhancer

Momar Inc. introduced Resinator, a road and soil enhancer designed for use on unpaved roads in sensitive habitats. Approved by the Penn State Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies, Resinator reduces airborne dust by more than...

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Remote-control Unit Reads Inaccessible Meters

Rhosonics released the RCU Remote-Control Unit for measuring instruments located in inaccessible places. It enables the user to get the data from, or adjust the settings on, a meter that is either hard to reach or in a dangerous...

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4G Electronic Initiation System

Dyno Nobel launched the DigiShot Plus 4G electronic initiation system, which is designed to reduce blasting delays and introduce programming speeds seven times faster than existing systems. The system features a fast and simple...

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Conveyor Digital Twin for Comparisons

Voith released BeltGenius ERIC, software that allows mine operators to assess conveyor efficiency, the company reported. The system receives relevant performance data from the conveyor, which then goes to a server at Voith. The...

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Rock Data for Blast Planning

DataCloud showcased RHINO, a geosciences logging tool that uses sensors, seismic-while-drilling techniques, and artificial intelligence to measure rock properties in near real time. The solution enables miners to develop and...

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Low-capacity Reclaim Feeders for Any Mine

FLSmidth announced the Buffalo range of low-capacity modular reclaim feeders are suitable for mines of any size. The series offers “different discharge heights and loading decks of various lengths to suit the required...

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Effective Road Dust Control

Momar Inc., a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, recently introduced the Resinator, a dynamic road and soil enhancer designed specifically for use on unpaved roads in and around sensitive habitats. The product has been...

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Top 10 Coal Producing States

Week Ending 9/29/2018
(in Thousand Short Tons)
  YTD '18 YTD '17 % Change
Wyoming 223,744 237,569 -5.8
West Virgina 72,562 68,320 6.2
Pennsylvania 37,402 36,802 1.6
Illinois 36,934 36,787 0.4
Kentucky 29,830 32,339 -7.8
Montana 28,793 25,391 13.4
Indiana 25,352 23,729 6.8
North Dakota 21,996 21,209 3.7
Texas 21,131 26,342 -19.8
Alabama 10,917 9,572 14.0
U.S. Total 562,408 578,373 -2.8

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