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McLanahan Acquires Anaconda Equipment

In 2017, McLanahan Corp. began a partnership with Anaconda Equipment of Northern Ireland to distribute and sell Anaconda’s line of mobile track equipment. As the relationship between the two companies progressed, it became clear...

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Push Block Dislodges Haul Trucks Without Damage

Philippi-Hagenbuch (PHIL), a leader in off-highway truck customization, recently introduced the Push Block for articulated and rigid-frame trucks. PHIL engineered the Push Block to integrate with the rear chassis on off-highway...

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SynTerra Buys ECSI

Officials from SynTerra Corp. and ECSI LLC announced they have combined their operations. The two companies officially became one science and engineering consulting firm operating as SynTerra on Monday, January 28....

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Bringing Down the Highwall

Bringing down a 60°, 180-ft highwall is just part of the daily workload for a Hitachi EX2500-6 at Peabody Energy’s Rawhide mine, a thermal coal surface mine located 10 miles north of Gillette, Wyoming. “The Hitachi EX2500-6...

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Railway Tie Changer Attachment

Kinshofer, a leading supplier of excavator attachments, has a new railway tie/sleeper attachments for efficient railway maintenance and repair. The three attachments — the RBS, RBS20 and RBS20HPX — can be used with 12- to 24-ton...

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SpotSee Expands Asset-monitoring Product Line

SpotSee is an internet of things end-to-end solution provider that enables customers to spot damage in their operations and see it in real time. SpotSee has developed a low-cost, connected ecosystem that includes its own mobile...

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High-power Modular Terminal Blocks

BlockMaster Electronics, a leading supplier of terminal blocks for electrical and electronic distribution, recently introduced a new line of rugged, high power modular terminal blocks in 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-pole configurations....

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Non-Contact Measurement of Bulk Materials

Berthold Technologies’ mass-flow measurement can be easily implemented in all kinds of conveyor systems. The system can measure the conveying capacity as well as the mass flow (tonnage) of the conveying system. It provides...

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ABB Adds New Digital Options for Miners

ABB recently expanded its ABB Ability System 800xA Power Control Library (formerly the MIDAS Library) software to include more options to communicate with and control electrical devices throughout the power infrastructure for...

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Production Scheduling Software

Maptek recently released Evolution 5.1, an intelligent mine scheduling optimization package. According to the developer, the computational power of the software is unparalleled in the scheduling arena and is underpinned by a...

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Regulators With Lifetime Warranty

The Victor Edge 2.0 regulators have brought innovation, performance, ease-of-use and safety to the market. A forward-thinking design incorporating easy-to-read, intuitive gauges and superior flow performance are just a few of...

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Sandvik Secures Major Russian Order

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has secured a contract with the Siberian Coal & Energy Co. (SUEK) to supply 12 mechanical cutting machines for various mines located throughout Russia’s Siberian region. SUEK is one of the...

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Top 10 Coal Producing States & Regions

Week Ending 12/28/18
(in Thousand Short Tons)
 YTD '19YTD '18% Change
West Virginia96,39192,4614.3
North Dakota29,93028,6764.4
Appalachian Total200,369197,6981.4
Interior Total136,559144,765-5.7
Western Total413,521429,266-3.7
U.S. Total750,449771,729-2.8

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