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Mapping and Data Collection

The Uinta mapping and data collection software is a powerful hassle-free data collection software built with end-users in mind, according to Juniper. The system offers efficient data capture, allowing surveyors to replace paper...

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Padlock Passes ATF Test

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has recognized ABLOY USA’s high security PL340 padlock for meeting the regulations as a locking device for securing explosives magazines. Only padlocks that are...

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Drive Systems

NORD’s new condition monitoring solution records drive and status data periodically or continuously to optimize the operational safety and efficiency of machines and plants. Currently, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is extending the...

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Connectors and Terminals

TE Connectivity has added Extra Rugged Circular connectors (XRC), Sealed Rectangular Connectors (SRC), ML-XT connectors, and XRC terminals to its portfolio of connectivity solutions. The connector products, which were formerly...

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Heavy-duty Bearings

With its new UC 300 series of ball bearing units, SKF has increased protection against contamination in heavy-duty applications. These bearings feature superior sealing and stronger locking and are interchangeable with all JIS...

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Mining-grade LED Floodlights

The Sturdilite Master Series is an impact-resistant, long-lasting, low-voltage LED floodlight designed specifically for mobile mining equipment. For an environment that does not typically allow for fixture longevity, Phoenix...

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Embedded, Single-chip PLC

The second-generation P10 PLC on a Chip embedded, single chip, programmable logic controller (PLC) has a smaller footprint with similar capabilities and performance as the larger P13 PLC on a Chip, but in a LQFP144 package....

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Preassembled Torque Limiter Sprockets

U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission recently launched the Torque Limiter Sprocket, a complete assembly providing both the Torque Limiter and sprocket together as one unit. The company said it combines its 100-plus years of...

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Water-cooled AC Motors

The AXW 5000 and 5800 Large AC motors deliver an average of 40% more power over conventional fan-cooled designs, according to ABB. They offer more horsepower per pound than conventional totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors,...

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Giving Mining Equipment a Lift

Mohawk Lifts manufactures all types of lifts and lift accessories. They have been servicing the mining industry for years with applications for surface and underground equipment. The company’s Two-Post lifts range in capacity...

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Top 10 Coal Producing States & Regions

Week Ending (5/23/20)
(in Thousand Short Tons)
 YTD '20YTD '19% Change
West Virginia29,55838,992-24.2
North Dakota7,74810,796-28.2
New Mexico5,7326,133-6.5
Appalachian Total61,24281,237-24.6
Interior Total40,05854,890-27.0
Western Total113,892151,531-24.8
U.S. Total215,192287,658-25.2

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