Ameren’s Rush Island generating station’s use of retrofitted transformers offers insights for any plant that seeks to increase capacity on a budget

Increase capacity. When the call comes from upper management to produce more energy, a plant manager faces the challenge of upgrading the infrastructure, and upgraded power transformers often represent the biggest ticket item.

Adding to the expense is the fact that such change-outs usually require completely reworking the connections to and from the transformer. When spatial constraints that require rebuilding a new enclosure or pad mount are factored in, the prospect of increasing capacity can explode into a budget-busting endeavor.

In response, many plant managers are discovering the advantages of new retrofit transformers. These fully customized power transformers provide the benefits of increased power capacity while duplicating the form and fit of the originals. The option of a perfectly matched, plug-and-play transformer holds the potential for capacity upgrades that meet regulations, timelines and budgets.
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