Off line Filtration Can Cut Oil Consumption and Reduce Maintenance

It’s difficult to name any type of primary mine production and comminution equipment that doesn’t require lubrication in some form. Trucks, shovels, crushers, mills, conveyors and even electrical transformers need oil — and generally, lots of it. Add to that the various tanks, barrels and other containers used for oil storage and transfer, and it’s easy to see why a mine or plant’s productivity and cost-of-operation figures can slide smoothly upward — or quickly downward — on the presence or absence of a thin film of oil.

According to oil filtration specialist C.C. Jensen A/S (CJC), contamination causes 80% of all oil system failures. Palle Maschoreck, head of the Danish company’s mining business segment, recently described his company’s approach to contamination control and prevention to Coal Age: “We have taken technology, which is widely known and used in the global wind [turbine] industry and applied it to mining. We employ a different filtration technology — offline filtration — than the standard inline filters, which enables us to clean and keep oil very clean during operation.”

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