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Clearing Coal Handling Systems

Coal operations rely on silos and bins to store raw and clean coal. Silos, chutes and bulk storage vessels will become clogged or suffer from bridged material. These coal handling and storage systems are connected by a network...

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Automated System Reports Belt Cleaner Status

Martin Engineering has introduced a belt-cleaner position indicator that monitors the blade, tracking and reporting remaining service life. The N2 Position Indicator (PI) monitors primary belt-cleaner blades, notifying service...

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Abrasion-resistant Materials Protect High-wear Zones

New kit allows miners to prolong replacement times and increase availability by steve fiscor, editor-in-chief Mining is a constant battle that pits steel against rock. Whether it’s the dipper on the shovel crowding the face or...

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Frustrated with Diesel Particulate Filters?

by steve fiscor, editor-in-chief With all the advances in emission controls, diesel particulate filters (DPFs) can be found almost anywhere a new diesel engine is operating today. The systems work well for trapping soot, but...

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Improved Access Reduces Conveyor Maintenance Time

Virtually every vehicle on the road today is designed with a hood that can be easily opened for access to the engine, so mechanics can perform routine service and diagnose/address problems that arise during its lifespan....

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Stainless Steel Belt Cleaner Reduces TCO

A new, secondary conveyor-belt cleaner has been engineered specifically for challenging applications where traditional designs fail to deliver the necessary performance or wear life. The CleanScrape Secondary Cleaner (CS2) from...

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Regular Inspections Prevent Magnetite Losses

  by steve fiscor, editor-in-chief The only thing worse than losing magnetite is losing clean coal. Both are unnecessary expenses that can be prevented with regular inspection and maintenance. Drain-and-rinse screens play a...

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Genrec Repairs Dragline Boom in South Africa

Genrec Engineering demonstrated the depth and extent of its skills and capabilities in steel fabrication and engineering when it successfully repaired a damaged dragline boom in record time for one of South Africa’s leading coal...

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IntelliZone Celebrates 10th Anniversary

To document IntelliZone’s 10th anniversary, Matrix answered 10 questions for Coal Age. Q: What exactly happened a decade ago? A: In April 2009, Matrix received the patent for IntelliZone’s proprietary technology, which allowed...

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Top 10 Coal Producing States & Regions

Week Ending 4/25/20
(in Thousand Short Tons)
 YTD '20YTD '19% Change
West Virginia25,00030,953-19.2
North Dakota6,5858,891-25.9
New Mexico4,8614,8590.0
Appalachian Total51,85564,465-19.6
Interior Total34,12144,574-23.5
Western Total96,216121,334-20.7
U.S. Total182,192230,373-20.9

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