Mining operations at the Highvale mine (above) ends on December 31, 2021. Full mine reclamation begins the next day.

TransAlta Corp. has achieved full phaseout of coal power in Canada. The company completed the last of three planned coal to gas conversions (CTG) at its Alberta Thermal power generation facilities.

The CTG reduces the company’s carbon emissions by almost 50% from around 0.86 metric tons (mt) of carbon equivalent per MWh to around 0.43 mt of carbon equivalent per Mwh.

“The full conversion of Keephills Unit 3 (KH3) from thermal coal to natural gas is a significant milestone for Trans-
Alta in its transition off coal,” President and CEO of TransAlta John Kousinioris said. “We are pleased to have completed this important step, nine years ahead of the government target. Our coal transition is among the most meaningful carbon emissions reduction achievements in Canadian history.”

TransAlta has invested $295 million in its CTG program since 2019, which also included the conversions of its Sundance Unit 6, Keephills Unit 2 and Sheerness Units 1 and 2, plus the construction of new high-volume gas delivery infrastructure.