Clean Coal Technologies Inc. (CCTI) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to formalize its partnership with Energy Capital Economic Development in Gillette, Wyoming. The ECED enables legislative, local and state economic development to provide strategies to encourage private sector development of companies to stimulate economic benefit.

A crane lowers a rotary kiln into position at CCTI’s site in Gillette, Wyoming.

“This partnership will provide us with infrastructural support when necessary as we advance our first of a kind technology at our Fort Union location,” CCTI COO Aiden Neary said. The Innovation Center is a very unique initiative and reflects the continued support by Wyoming in advancing the use of Wyoming PRB coal through technology.”

With the arrival of the company’s $1.3 million rotary kiln at the site last month, the company said the partnership will provide it the ability to supply processed coal feedstock to other businesses in the industrial park and enable it to share infrastructure as it moves toward being fully operational at the new facility.