DRA Taggart is looking to expand globally while maintaining its leadership position in North America

 Those who witnessed that last major build- out of U.S. coal preparation plants will likely remember that Taggart Global was the engineering firm that led the charge with much of the engineering, design and construction work. In July 2013, Taggart Global, which was having financial difficulties, was acquired by Forge Group, an engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) firm based in Perth, Australia, for $43 million plus an additional $25 million of potential earn-out payments. Forge’s parent company went into administration. One year later, DRA Group Holdings Pty Ltd., a global multidisciplinary engineering group that originated in South Africa and specializes in mining, minerals processing and infrastructure services, stepped forward and rescued what remained of Taggart Global.

The Taggart acquisition added extensive experience in coal preparation and diverse mineral and aggregate handling systems in North America, Africa, Australia and China to DRA’s mix. At the time, DRA had offices and operations in nine African countries, Australia, Canada, China and India. The Taggart business was rebranded DRA Taggart and consolidated into DRA’s operations in the Americas.

The business climate, especially as it relates to coal mining and processing, forced a lot of companies to readjust their strategies, and DRA Taggart was no different.

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