The former Longwall USA conference has a new expanded format that includes room-and-pillar mining and coal handling and storage

By Steve Fiscor, Editor-in-Chief

After a 4-year COVID 19-induced hiatus, the former Longwall USA conference returns to Pittsburgh as the U.S. Coal Show. The expanded format of the conference was announced in 2020 and there was a futile attempt to host the conference in May 2021, but it was too early. Now it’s all systems go and more than 800 people are expected to attend.

The U.S. Coal Show is taking place May 9-11, 2023, at the David L. Lawrence convention center in downtown Pittsburgh. It is a conference and exhibition. The conference is a continuing education program with more than 20 speakers. Keith Hainer, president and CEO of Century Mining, will kick off the event with keynote presentation that discusses Century’s experience developing America’s newest longwall mine, the Longview Complex.

Following the Keynote, the first technical session, Modern Underground Coal Mining Operations, will discuss much of the new technology being considered or deployed at underground coal mining operations. Cheston Weese, director of process improvement, will discuss how Arch Resources is operating the shearer at the Leer South Complex from the surface. Several presentations from Komatsu will discuss emerging technologies and the creative use of underground mining equipment.

During the afternoon of May 9, a panel discussion will debate the evolving landscape for underground coal mining equipment suppliers.

On Wednesday morning the conversation turns to ventilation for both longwall and room-and-pillar operations. The session in the afternoon focuses on coal handling and storage systems. Following the Wednesday afternoon session on May 10, Coal Age will present the Longwall USA top Performers Awards to the three safest and most productive underground coal mining operations. The conference ends on Thursday, May 11, with a one-half day session on safety and health.

The exhibit area is diamond-shaped with a circular area in the middle more than 800 people are expected to attend the conference sessions in the back. The space was nearly sold out as of press time with more than 60 exhibitors showcasing the latest coal mining equipment and technology. Several companies will have powered roof supports (shields), two companies are bringing rubber-tired shield haulers and another will have a locomotive.

The U.S. Coal Show also offers attendees ample opportunities for peer-to-peer networking.

US Coal Show Exhibitor Profiles

Allegheny Metallurgical

Allegheny Met is a new metallurgical longwall coal operation located in the community of Volga, in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. More than $600 million has been invested to prepare a site and to construct a new preparation plant, rail loop with train loadout, and deep mine. Our new longwall system will be placed into service in late 2023. We will produce over 3.5 million clean tons of coal per year with a 20+ year reserve life. We are currently hiring individuals to staff all aspects of our operation. 

APC Analytics

APC Analytics develops and manufactures automated sampling, sample preparation and analyzing equipment for coal and bulk material industry. Apart from planning, producing, installing and commissioning these fully automatic samplers and analyzers, APC analytics also offers individual solutions for analytical problems. Furthermore, APC Analytics acts as a service provider and manufacturer in the fields of automation engineering, control cabinet construction and special machinery. APC analytics is located in Steinbach near Frankfurt am Main (Germany). The equipment designed and produced by APC Analytics which is used in the mining and mineral processing industries as well as in thermal power plants, works absolutely reliably even under rough conditions.

Becker Global Americas

Becker/SMC is the industry’s leader in increasingly more sophisticated electrical control systems. Most of the major innovations, design features and specialized electrical components have been developed by Becker/SMC. The success and growth of SMC resulted in seven major facility expansions. Several key acquisitions increased the product lines to include transformers, distribution equipment, and complete lines of vacuum switches, connectors and electronic monitoring devices. Our Custom Equipment Operation can now transform your specifications into precision products, utilizing state of the art parametric engineering and advanced lean manufacturing techniques.

Betek Tools

Betek GmbH is a major global supplier of Tungsten Carbide cutting tools and related products for the Mining, Construction, Crushing & Mixing, Agriculture and Recycling industries. Products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Germany. Betek Tools, Inc. is the North American branch of the company, with a large central warehouse in Charlotte NC, and a comprehensive sales team covering all the different industries.

Brookville Equipment Corp.

Brookville Equipment Corp. is the leading manufacturer of specialized vehicles used in underground mining and tunneling construction for transporting materials and personnel. Producing rail-mounted and rubber-tired vehicles, each designed to meet the demanding specifications of a customer’s unique application. Brookville units come in battery, diesel, or overhead wire. Brookville’s underground equipment is currently being used worldwide in the mining of coal, hard rock, precious metals, as well as tunnel construction projects. Committed to leading the mining industry, Brookville manufactures innovative, cost effective, productive, reliable, and safe solutions to transporting materials and personnel. 

Buchanan Pump Service


Buchanan is a one-stop pump shop that focuses on pumps and pump system design, sales, installation, remanufacture, troubleshooting and just about everything else related to pumps.

CAB, Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicap

For more than 45 years, CAB Products have been recognized worldwide in the mining industry for their high-quality cable hangers. It will be showcasing its eight-carrier longwall hanger, which has been used for longwall moves for many years. In addition, it will be showing other assortment of hangers and webbing belts and straps. It will also be displaying its large assortment of high-visibility streamers, tubes, markers, lifeline, specialty bags, safety apparel and additional safety products. CAB (Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped) is dedicated to providing job opportunities and services to persons with physical and mental challenges. All of the items in the CAB Product line are manufactured by CAB employees with great pride and integrity. Through orders, many challenged employees have been given the opportunity to be productive and independent. 

Conspec Controls

For more than 50 years, Conspec has pioneered the design, development, and manufacturing of environmental and atmospheric monitoring, flame and heat detection, process controls, data communications, intrinsically safe power distribution and safety technology. With decades of collaboration with industry leading operations, government research institutes/universities, diverse technology/corporate partnerships, Conspec delivers innovative technology that is relied on by many of the largest corporations around the world. Conspec products and systems come from our long history of providing fully integrated process control solutions for the underground mining, oil & gas, and power generation industries. As such, each device our ISO 9001:2015 certified product development team designs are not only rigorously tested as a stand-alone device, but also as a mission critical component for any integrated process controls system to provide long lasting performance for life safety. In addition, our manufacturing and service processes are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard as well as the IEC 80079/ATEX Directive 94/9/EC standards and manufacturers of devices for hazardous environments. This ensures the best in both performance and safety in all the products we produce, and the highest standards of quality in customer service, support, and training. We take the protection of your personnel and investments seriously. 

Continental Global Material Handling LLC


Continental has been a leader in bulk materials handling for decades. Over that time, the company has set the standard for product quality and performance. It manufactures many of the key conveyor system components to provide you with highly reliable equipment that contributes to higher productivity levels. Continental does more than just sell conveyor equipment. Leveraging decades of experience, the company can design and supply a conveyor system designed for a specific application. Let us assist with the design and equipment selection for your next conveyor project.

The Cypher Co.

Longwall operators have relied on Cypher Co.’s Keystone Longwall Hose and SL Fittings since 1972. The company’s longwall move setup packages, include Hose ID cleaned, coiled on wooden reels; shield hose, SL adapters and BV kits; stainless steel SL adapters for water circuits; shield-to-shield hoses with OEM abrasion colored PVC anti-static sleeving. The company provides several types of fittings, including Staplelock (Regular & Super), Slimlock/DLOK (AKA Flush Fit), Slimline, SKV/SSKV & Vic groove type. It also provides regular and locking ball valves, gauges, water flow meter panels, monorail crossover coupler panel. Pre-assembled pressure and return tee systems for headgate, tailgate, crusher stageloader, along with belt tail, push pull. 

FASING America

FASING America is the United States affiliation of Capital Group FASING Plc. (Fasing) which is one of the largest producers of chain assemblies in the world with over 110 years of experience.  Fasing America offers longwall chains, flight bars, sprockets, longwall panline, drive assemblies, longwall shields, heavy steel constructions, electro-mechanical components, couplers, forgings, equipment rebuild, among many other mining offerings and products.  Chris King ( ) is the Managing Director of Fasing America and has an a wealth of experience in the US mining and longwall sector and is available to assist you with your mining needs.  FASING America can add value and performance to your business. 


A technology innovator, custom manufacturer, and electrical systems troubleshooter for heavy industry, Flanders designs, engineers, produces, and services industrial power systems and control systems. We specialize in electric rotating machinery for high-demand applications across mining, mills, and heavy industry. 


One of a mine’s most valuable assets is the success of its belt conveyor system. Flexco products are designed for quick, easy installation and maintenance, to keep belts running all day, every day. Flexco’s flexible and durable hinged fasteners can be installed either onsite or in a belt shop and pulled together with a hinge pin, making them perfect for systems with small pulleys. The company’s heavy-duty cleaners and trainers work to decrease carryback and keep the belt on track, reducing spillage and structural damage at bay. For real solutions to conveyor belt challenges, you can rely on Flexco.

FKC Lakeshore

Frontier-Kemper’s FKC-Lake Shore Division offers design-build-install services for innovative hoist-ing, elevator, and vertical conveyance systems used to transport personnel and material. Its Field Services Division provides 24/7 emergency repair of electrical and mechanical systems. It offers vertical belts, skips, hoists, sheaves, elevators, cages, headframes, brakeman cars, controls, field services, and wire rope NDT.


F.M. Locotos Co., Inc.

The FM Locotos Company designs and sells mine and tunnel roof control products.  We are constantly developing new products for improved safety, cost effectiveness, and the overall betterment of the underground industry.


FST Filtration

FST Filtration, (Filter Service & Testing Corp), is a filter manufacturing and engineering company. FST has manufactured high temp diesel exhaust filters for underground coal mining application in the US, Canada, and Australia since 2002.  FS FST provides the highest quality OEM and after markets filters for a wide array of applications including  Diesel Exhaust,  Air Intake,  Dust Collection, and HVAC.

Fuchs Lubricants Co.

Fuchs has been a trusted partner of the global mining industry for more than 90 years. Our comprehensive range of lubricants for every mining application meets even extreme demands. As part of our commitment to technical excellence, we continually develop new products and optimize existing products to better serve your mining needs. Maintenance costs and breakdowns are reduced, and maximized up-time allows productivity increases and optimal value for your equipment. Fuchs is uniquely qualified to be a true global partner with a focus on globally-controlled, company-owned local manufacturing and distribution coupled with a global support network to meet your specific mining needs. 

Fuel Ox, LLC

This industry has struggled forever to find a way to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining its capital equipment. Friction and inefficient combustion are the greatest destroyers of machinery, efficiency, and the environment. We provide the industrial world with the most powerful lubricants and fuel additives that not only extend the life of equipment but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, maintenance, and replacement parts costs. The Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube™ and Fuel Ox® fuel additive line of products have accomplished this and by doing so offer value far beyond that of our competition.

GMS Mine Repair & Maintenance

GMS Mine Repair & Maintenance is North America’s premier mining contractor, whether for routine labor or the most specialized and demanding projects. Our deep experience and broad range of services and products allow us to serve the customer with unmatched efficiency and scale. We offer a true turnkey approach, from engineering/design to procurement to construction. With an internal engineering department, multiple custom fabrication facilities, and the industry’s premiere mining professionals, we’re a single-source contractor. For our customers, this means efficiency, accountability, and a culture of collaboration. 

Hager Equipment Co.

Hager Equipment Company has been a leading innovator in the manufacture and refurbishment of coal and potash underground mining equipment for over forty years. Our sole focus is the underground miner and providing the safest, most cost effective, efficient, and durable equipment possible. Our experienced team of engineers, service techs, and sales persons have custom designed, built, sold, and serviced rail jeeps, man buses, heavy duty locomotives, rubber-tired rides and large capacity ore haulers. Hager Equipment’s customers maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty in mining equipment market. Give us an opportunity, and we WILL earn your business. 

HBT Americas LLC

HBT (Hauhinco Mining Technology) is a world class machine manufacturer and fully integrated single solution provider – specializing in systems and equipment for underground coal mining. The company exports its high-performance longwall mining equipment to all major mining markets worldwide.

HBT systems for longwall mining include, high-horsepower shearers, automated plow systems, armored face conveyors, beam stage loaders, drive systems incl. gearboxes, motors and VFDs, hydraulic roof support legs & cylinders, mining controls, high-pressure pump stations, hydraulic valves – controlled and supported by intelligent solutions for longwall automation.

HBT subsidiaries and partner offices are strategically located in all important coal producing countries. The corporate office of HBT GmbH is headquartered in Luenen, NRW, Germany.


Highland Machinery Corp.

Highland Industries is a leading O.E.M. of Shuttle Cars, Feeder Breakers, Scoops, and Shield Movers. Highland has proudly been serving the mining industry for over 35 years and has production facilities located in Oak Hill & Mabscott WV, and a warehouse located in Somerset County PA. Originally started as a rebuild facility, Highland has now become an industry leader in equipment advancement and development. We pride ourselves on making continual improvements in frame design and construction as well as increased reliability and safety on all our machines. We also offer a complete parts division for all types of underground equipment. 


Since 1994, Huesker has supplied more than 1,200 Minegrid longwall recovery systems globally. Deserado mine in Rangely, Colorado, used Huesker Minegrid in 1994 to recover their Longwall, setting a precedent that has become a benchmark in the coal mining industry today, the company said. Minegrid is known globally for its high strength-to-weight ratio, flexibility, ease of installation, and has become the standard for longwall recovery, roof and rib control. Huesker Minegrid is comprised of high-strength geogrids manufactured from polyester (PET) or polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), that are woven under tension. This provides the required attributes to meet the recovery challenges, including high-tensile stiffness, flexibility, resistance to corrosion, conductivity, and high visibility. Where necessary, Minegrid conforms to fire retardant anti-static (FRAS) requirements, which complies with standardized small-scale flame test procedure for the acceptance of roof-rib grid material from MSHA. 

Innovative Wireless Technologies

IWT is the leading provider of underground wireless networks.  Our SENTINEL™ system revolutionizes operational processes and offers significant efficiencies that result in greater mine safety and productivity. The SENTINEL™ Uniti System, which provides “wireless fiber” to the working section, and our new NRTL-approved CO wireless gas monitor with hydrogen compensation are just two examples of how IWT continues to pioneer wireless innovation.  Visit us at the show to learn the latest in operational and mine emergency communications, tracking and remote sensor data – including tailings management.  Or, start the conversation today at

Integrated Power Services

IPS offers experienced service and in-shop repair for electric motors, generators, rotating equipment, and power distribution equipment used in underground mining. Our experienced technicians and engineers have decades of experience meeting MSHA and OEM standards.IPS works closely with your reliability engineers, electrical maintenance managers, supervisors, and planners. The ability to work on all critical equipment simplifies vendor management, for unmatched reliability in mining operations.

Intermountain Electronics, Inc.

Tel: +1 877 360 4419

Intermountain Electronics manufacturers electrical equipment for the mining industry, including longwall electrics and controls, section power centers, belt power centers, drive systems, low and medium voltage VFD systems, surface and underground switchgear. IE can provide start-up and support services to meet a mine’s needs, including electrical and mechanical engineering services as well as complete repair, rebuild and refurbishment of existing equipment to meet today’s standards. We are not just another integrator, IE designs and manufactures a complete line of components and the industry’s highest efficiency mine duty dry-type transformers. IE believes in innovation through design and partnering in all phases of successful mining projects. 

Irwin Mine & Tunnelling

Irwin Car and Equipment is the Heavy-Duty Material Handling Equipment Leader, known around the world for delivering exceptional quality and customized precision in the metals, mining, tunneling, energy, and transportation industries.  Irwin Mine and Tunneling Supply, a division of Irwin Car, continues to be your best choice when it comes to underground parts and equipment needs.  Our machine shops, fabrication facilities, parts warehouses, and rebuild shops make Irwin superior to the competition.  Match all of this with our ability to reverse engineer parts and custom engineer equipment, and you get the perfect solution to keep your operation up and running.

J.H. Fletcher & Co.

Since 1937, Fletcher has been engineering and manufacturing custom solutions for underground mining. Today, Fletcher products expand into a variety of industries. Through the decades, Fletcher has operated with a singular vision: to work with a vigilant focus on finding ways to improve mining and industrial processes and reducing risk for the people who work in those industries. 

Jadco Manufacturing

Jadco Manufacturing, Inc., an ISO certified, leading provider of proven wear protection to combat even the toughest impact and abrasion challenges. Since 1980, Jadco continues to deliver unmatched technical expertise, quality, and customer service. Jadco offers an unparalleled array of wear-fighting products, particularly wear steel, to optimize a user’s operations with brands including QT-PLUS and CHROMEWELD.

Jamas Technology

Jamas Technology is a family owned business that has been in operation for over 20 years. It is our goal to hire the best people for the job and to hold a standard with all of our potential employees and current employees. We are always in the market for experienced and inexperienced workers for mining and heavy industrial employment. Our employees are some of the highest paid contract laborers on the market, along with matching 401-K, health insurance, per-deums and incentive bonuses. Jamas Technology employees workers in the Mid-West, West, Southeast and we are opening up in the East. 

Jazz Solutions/MSHA

Jazz Solutions is pleased to be participating in the US Coal Show on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).  Jazz Solutions provides communications and outreach services to MSHA in support of the agency’s “Miner Health Matters” programs and initiatives.  Visit our booth to learn more about “Miner Health Matters”.  Jazz Solutions, Inc. (JSL) is an economically disadvantaged, woman-owned, SBA certified 8(a) program participant small business delivering customer-centric IT solutions built to further the mission and goals of federal, state, and local governments.


JENNMAR designs and manufactures a wide range of dependable ground control products, from bolts and beams to channels and trusses, resin, rebar, and more. We’re proud to make products that make the mining, tunneling, civil, and construction industries safer and more efficient. Because we understand the ever-changing and demanding conditions above and below ground we have built the richest portfolio of diverse and complementary brands. JENNMAR sets the bar in every industry we serve and as we continue to grow, our focus will always be on the customer. Our commitment to the customer is guided by three words: SAFETY, SERVICE, and INNOVATION. It’s these words that form the foundation of our business. It’s who we are. 


Kennametal is a global supplier of solutions for wear, heat, and corrosion problems, a world-class manufacturer of components, and a service provider to a wide range of industries. By matching our advanced material solutions and technologies to your applications, we can help you solve your biggest wear problems, avoid costly downtime and catastrophic failures, and achieve significant savings. We don’t just manufacture the components and materials needed for your demanding mining applications. Every solution is backed by our team of scientists, applications engineers, and customer service specialists. 

KH Controls

KH Controls, Inc. provides intrinsically safe power supplies, LED longwall face lighting systems with signaling capability, permissible connectors, and custom electronic solutions to the mining industry.  Power supplies and lights are approved in U.S. MSHA & IECEx versions.


Komatsu is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment, technologies and services for the construction, forklift, mining, industrial and forestry markets. For nearly a century, Komatsu equipment and services have been used by companies worldwide to develop modern infrastructure, extract fundamental minerals, maintain forests and create technology and consumer products. The company’s global service and distributor networks support customer operations, tapping into the power of data and technology to enhance safety and productivity while optimizing performance. 

Limitless Mining Solutions 

Limitless Mining Solutions (LMS) has the latest in longwall cable handling, a new shearer-mounted spray bar, and Plieger shield-pocket fillers AFC VFD presentation from Morley, which are in more than 30 operations in China, and the latest LMS super-fan. It also has a Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) auxiliary fan. Its products have shown improved performance and long-life impeller technology. Modular construction allows for on-site repairs and there are easy lubrications points. LMS said it has the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. It has a new belt scraper technology called Starclean. It has a single tool maintenance and simple blade tensioning. INOXIP Hydraulics will be presented as well as low speed/high torque radial and axial piston motors, hydraulic brakes, air motors, pneumatic tools and geared motors for the mining industry. 

Martin Engineering/

Stahura Conveyor Products, Inc.


Stahura Conveyor Products is a team of highly enthusiastic consultants and technicians dedicated to helping our industry have clean, safe, and productive operations. SCP specializes in the assessment, design, procurement, fabrication, and installation of engineered solutions for all types of bulk material handling applications. Martin Engineering is the leading global innovator in the bulk material handling industry. For nearly 80 years, Martin has been developing reliable and effective solutions to common problems while sharing knowledge and expertise through a variety of training and education offerings to help operations improve safety and productivity. 

Matrix Design Group


The Technology Leader for Industrial Productivity and Safety Matrix Design Group LLC is a safety and productivity technology leader for mining and industrial applications. We provide a hardware, software and analytics platform that delivers leading-edge products and actionable insights to our operators. Our innovative product line includes systems data networking, communication and tracking systems, mining proximity detection systems, industrial collision avoidance systems and data & analytics software. Matrix’s innovation has been demonstrated by winning the NIOSH Mine Safety & Health Technology Innovation Awards in 2020 for OmniPro® and 2021 for an enhanced IntelliZone® proximity detection system for underground haulage. 

MCE Diversified Air Systems


Diversified Air Systems – Compressed Air, Nitrogen Generation Rittertech- Fluid Power Swanson Flo – Flow Control

Megator – Pumps 2000

Pumps 2000 is the first complete redesign of the pneumatic diaphragm pump. P2k was specifically designed for handling abrasive, solid laden and corrosive fluids as an alternative to the heavy, maintenance intensive diaphragm pumps. Our unique combination of in-house R&D and manufacturing enables us to offer pumps which are technically superior and of significantly higher quality. Megator has built a global presence and reputation for manufacturing unique, specially engineered positive displacement pumps like the sliding shoe pump which was designed for mining and pollution control solutions for some of the toughest applications and industries that continue to exceed our customers expectation for quality, performance, and reliability. 


MILLER is a full service underground construction company. We do raisebore and conventional shaft, slopes, underground bunkers, and all types if structural, support, and concrete work. We also offer civil concrete work such as foundation, reclaim tunnels, stack tubes, and thickeners. This is supported by our newly acquired subsidiary, OJ Industries that offers a full line of design, engineering, and manufacturing of hoists, headframes, cages, work decks, skips, shaft steel, and related items.

Nichols Electronics/RFHero

RFHero provides wireless control solutions for industrial safety, construction, mining, power management, agriculture, along with custom designs for food production and chemical plant safety monitoring. Our design team continuously strives to invent new innovative wireless control links to allow safe, secure, and simple to operate systems. Our project management team can take your current industrial application and enhance it to be fully or semi autonomous, with an added element of improved operator safety. RFHero- “Keeping Industrial Safety Simple.” 


The mission of the NIOSH Mining Program is to eliminate mining fatalities, injuries, and illnesses through relevant research and impactful solutions. We are a program of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), which is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Powell Construction Co.

Powell Construction Co. has the capability to offer a complete Design Build Project. We can assist in preliminary proposal layout and cost estimates through final engineering and construction. We have complete engineering capabilities including Civil, Structural and Mechanical. Our highly skilled staff of professional millwrights, ironworkers, welders and pipe fitters supported by a modern fleet of cranes, bring to its customers the latest technology and superior workmanship.

RePower Mining International, Inc

RMI Pressure System (a member of Armstrong Fluid Technology) is a global leader in the supply of high-pressure and high-volume fluid pumping stations. For over 100 years, RMI’s research and manufacturing facilities have consistently delivered innovative, practical solutions to operate in the most extreme of environments for customers across the globe. An early innovator in high-pressure hydraulic pumps for longwall mining and industrial applications, RMI works to continually improve performance and reliability using industry-leading technology that enhances productivity, energy efficiency and reduces operational cost.


Richwood designs innovative solutions for the worldwide bulk material handling industry. For over 40 years the busiest mines in the world have put their confidence in our problem solving expertise. Clean conveyors and sealed and protected load zones from site specific solutions mean lowered maintenance costs, safer work areas and more productive operations.

RM Wilson Co.

Serving the mining industry since 1966, the R.M. Wilson Co. is a product specialist and partners with many of the leading longwall machinery and equipment manufacturers around the world to offer engineered optimum solutions to the special requirements of the customer. Headquartered in Wheeling, West Virginia and with locations throughout the United States, we not only supply our customers with the equipment they need when they need it, but also provide unparalleled service and product knowledge that sets us apart from other longwall machinery distributors. We partner with to sell and service the mine productivity systems and equipment of Betek, Eichoff, Flexco, Kennametal, Krummenauer, MultiGear, Setco, Thiele, and Voith among others.

Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology

We at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology strive to provide our customers with optimal solutions designed to increase their productivity and reduce total cost of ownership – while ensuring reliability, efficiency and safety through high technology.With a proud tradition of more than 150 years of pioneering solutions, our business concept has long been based on innovation, technology leadership and customer relationships. We focus on developing products and services that help our customers in every corner of the world mine safer and more profitably.

SAS Global Corp.

SAS Global Mining is the complete source for all of your wear protection needs. SAS Global not only fabricates, but also develops and produces our own wear resistant materials to meet your specific needs and specifications. High Performance Liner Systems and Processing Components are engineered by SAS Global Mining that not only extends the service life of your equipment but improve the operational performance as well. 

Seetech, LLC 

Longwall System supplier, including longwall shields, AFC, shield automation, and mining filtration.

Simmons Equipment


Simmons Equipment Company is built on a heritage of quality, innovation, and customer service. Simmons Equipment employs cutting-edge engineering and technology to offer customized solutions to meet our customer’s individual needs. Our goal is to provide equipment that unleashes maximum productivity while ensuring the health and safety of the miners who use it.We have remained committed to product development and intensely efficient production systems to establish a standard of excellence. In an ever-changing industry, Simmons Equipment is leading the charge in developing safer, more productive machines for today’s miner. EXPERIENCED. TRUSTED. PROVEN. 

Special Mine Services, Inc.


Manufactured in the United States, and used around the world, Special Mine Services (SMS Connectors) is a leading manufacturer of industrial electrical connectors primarily used in the mining, underground construction, and portable power industries. For almost 40 years, SMS has produced superior products at competitive pricing. This is accomplished through complete on-site manufacturing of internal components and finished products, year-round availability, short lead times, and compatibility with competing brands. SMS Connectors have established a reputation of reliability, durability, ease-of-use, and safety. Find out today why SMS Connectors are the best connection you can make! 

Swanson Industries 

Swanson Industries is a leading provider of hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, remanufacturing and repair services for mining and mobile industries. Throughout Swanson, customers will find highly specialized state-of-the-art equipment and the 21st-century technology necessary to manufacture and provide superior products. One of the many expertise of Swanson is remanufacturing and repair services for longwall mining equipment. Swanson provides advanced remanufacturing and repair services for longwall, continuous, underground and surface mining industries with an economical alternative to purchasing new equipment. At Longwall 2019, Swanson will feature a complete longwall shield rebuild showcasing multiple techniques and custom components; mining filtration systems; high-pressure, high-volume pumps; high-pressure pipe and connectors; and more. 

Syntron Material Handling 

Syntron Material Handling provides solutions for conveying, feeding, screening, elevating, vibratory flow aids and feeder controls within a number of industries including aggregates, food, and packaging to name a few. Syntron Material Handling (SMH) is committed to understanding end-user needs and creating solutions that improve performance and drive cost savings. Syntron Material Handling offers Syntron® and Link-Belt® products across the globe and for more than 125 years these material handling brands have set the industry standard of excellence by providing Idlers, Bucket Elevators, Screw Conveyors, Vibratory Feeders, and Bin Vibrators. Their Link-Belt® idlers and Syntron® feeders are well known and integral to some of the world’s largest conveyor and feeding systems.

System Control 

Since 1964 our Mission is to deliver the highest quality in control products and supporting services to assure safe, reliable, cost-efficient and user-friendly operating systems to exceed our customer’s control system needs.  By staying focused on the quality and timeliness of our products and services, clients recognize the added value and continue to choose us when they purchase equipment. We provide products and services for the most demanding applications.  Visit us to see the latest in equipment controls and SCADA applications.

The 84 Group, Inc.

The 84 Group, Inc. was founded as an Industrial Automation Distributor in 1989.  We represent and partner with major US and international companies with “Best In Class” products Including:     Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives    Low Voltage and Medium Voltage AC & DC Motors    Low Voltage and Medium Voltage MCC’s and Switchgear    Motion Control Servo Systems    Measurement Sensors    Discrete Low Voltage Control Products    PLC’s    Distributed Control Systems    Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Transformers    Power Quality Magnetics. We design, build, install, commission and manage complex automation projects.  We have our own panel shop dedicated to support our automation projects.  We design and assemble products specifically for the underground mining market.  We support our design process with three sophisticated CAD packages.  We conduct training in our dedicated training facility for AC & DC drives, Motion control, PLC’s and Distributed Control Systems.

TLT Turbo Inc.

TLT-Turbo supplies advanced ventilation fans and systems to the mining industry. TLT-Turbo’s mine ventilation solutions are renowned for innovation and the ability to meet complex mine ventilation requirements. This includes fan stations with total volume flows of several thousand cubic foot per minute at pressure rises of up to 50 InWG per fan stage that are currently in operation. TLT-Turbo aims for the best possible system efficiencies to create opportunities for energy and cost savings. Through aerodynamic optimization, smart drive technology and blade adjustment we can reach fan efficiencies of up to 90% and system efficiencies of up to 85%.

United Central Industrial Supply

United Central was started in 1974 and has over 48 years’ experience supplying mining and industrial customers.  Our relationships with customers average 30 years and vendor relations average 40+ years.  Our focus on specific industries and our ability to understand customers’ needs has enabled United to perpetuate its position as the leading supplier to the markets we serve.

United Mining Equipment/
ZMJ America

UME represents Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co. Ltd. (ZMJ) in North America. Founded in 1958, ZMJ is the world’s largest roof support manufacturer. It has 28 branches and more than 17,000 employees in 17 countries. ZMJ America was established in 2014. In 2016, ZMJ America imported its first full set of powered roof supports (shield).


With over a century of proven success on a diverse range of metals and minerals, Victaulic is developing industry leading solutions for the evolving global mining landscape. From engineering, procurement, and fabrication, to vertically integrated products and value-engineered solutions, we partner with you to deliver operational and performance excellence, with a commitment to safety, quality, and sustainability. 

West River Conveyors

West River specializes in providing customers with underground and overland conveyor systems, components, belt and parts for various demanding applications in the mining industry. West River can design and build conveyors for long runs, uphill hauls, high temperatures, dirty and dusty environments that include moving heavy and abrasive materials. West River provides a turnkey solution to your operation’s conveyor needs. Because of West River’s more than 40 years of experience in the coal mining industry, they know the special challenges of operating conveyor systems underground. 

2023 US Coal Show-Longwall Edition — Technical Program

Keynote Address

May 9, 2023, 9:00 a.m.

Developing America’s Newest Met Coal Complex:

The Longview Mine

By Keith Hainer, president and CEO of Century Mining LLC

Session I: Modern Underground
Coal Production

Tuesday, May 9, 2023, 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Longwall Shearer Operations from the Surface

By Cheston Weese, director of process improvement,

Arch Resources

Data and Analytics Supporting Longwall Automation Everyday

By Willem Fourie, senior product manager for longwall data solutions, Komatsu Mining

Improved Productivity with Wide Head Continuous

Miner and a Crawler Bunker Bolter Car System

By Michelle Burich, senior application engineer,
Komatsu Mining

Automation – A Journey to Underground Room-and-Pillar Improvement

By Toby Cressman, product manager for automation and data solutions, Komatsu Mining

New Lithium-ion Battery Technologies for Underground Coal Mines

By Jerry Davis, principal engineer, Komatsu Mining

Session II: Panel Discussion

Tuesday, May 9, 2023, 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The Evolving Landscape for Underground Coal Mining Equipment Suppliers

Moderator: Steve Fiscor, editor, Coal Age

Panelists include:

Jay Armburger, president and CEO, HBT Americas

Brian Edmonds, president, Seetech USA

Greg Sanders, president and CEO, Becker Global America

Steve Sangalli, president and CEO, Swanson Industries

David Zhang, vice president, Zhengzhou Coal Mining

Machinery (ZMJ)

Mateusz Bik, president, Fasing (Konko)

Bob Sherack, vice president, mining systems and growth

regions, Komatsu

Session III: Ventilation

Wednesday, May 10, 2022, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Longwall Gob Permeability

By Josh Silvis, manager of hydrogeology, CONSOL Energy

Canopy Air Curtain Technology for Shuttle Car Cabs

By Randy Reed, research mining engineer, NIOSH

NIOSH’s role in developing ventilation input to new engineering guidelines for shale gas wells influenced by longwall mining

By Steven J Schatzel, geologist, NIOSH

A Field Study of Longwall Mine Ventilation Using Tracer Gas in a Trona Mine

By V. Gangrade, S. J. Schatzel, and S. P. Harteis, NIOSH

Session IV: Coal Handling & Storage 

Wednesday, May 10, 2022, 1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

Controlling Carryback: More Than Just Belt Cleaners

By Jerad Heitzler, program manager and lead instructor, Martin Engineering

How to Save Money Cleaning Your Silos

By Dennis Blauser, CEO, Marietta Silos

Top Performers Awards Presentation

Wednesday, May 10, 2022, 3:00-4:30 p.m

Session V: Health & Safety

Thursday, May 11, 2023, 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Harvey Mine Positive Pressure Respirators

By Tim Costa, manager, strategic industrial accounts and distributor partnerships, CleanSpace USA

Laboratory Investigation of Underside Shield Sprays Used in Conjunction with a Directional Spray System
to Lower Respirable Dust Exposures on Longwalls 

By Scott Klima, mining engineer, NIOSH

Electromagnetic Interference Considerations in
Underground Coal Mines

By Dr. Chenming “Jim” Zhou, research engineer, NIOSH

Coal Mine Barrier Pillar Design

By Dale Hamilton, geologist, MSHA Roof Control Division

Impacts of Longwall Mining on Gas Wells

By Greg Rumbaugh, supervisory engineer, MSHA Roof Control Division