Tire manufacturers now offer technologies that allow them to track tire performance in real time, allowing them to double as consultants

For better or worse, Industry 4.0 has unleashed a race among the companies that service the mining sector to innovate based on real-time data and with a view of the autonomous mines of tomorrow. In the tire space, that means increased focus on field results for products, now captured by embedded sensors and streamed by satellite to support teams and business coordinators. Live data mandates prompt responses, both in the field and on the drawing board. Manufacturers say there are numerous advantages to be gained from the instant notifications and burgeoning databases. They also say it is challenging to keep up with the pace of change it mandates. “With technology and the way the equipment keeps changing, and trying to keep up with everything, you almost have to keep adding to your tire line,” said Gary Pompo, manager, field technical services, BKT.

The latest tire releases promise to increase the life of the tire by reducing heat and improving its resilience. Suppliers back these promises with live data from test sites and the field. That ability has enabled them to also offer data management solutions. And that data can tell a miner more than just the air pressure of an exact tire at any given second. A few examples of such products and solutions follow.

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