Several systems prevent coal spillage with quick and safe maintenance programs

Cleaners are an essential accessory for conveyor systems. Today, most manufacturers provide at least two types of conveyor belt cleaners, a primary (or precleaner) and a secondary cleaner in addition to many specialty type cleaners. These systems are used to control or eliminate the problems associated with coal spillage and carryback. Spillage, plain and simple, is a loss of saleable product that must be rehandled.

Allowing coal to accumulate is a safety concern, which can also lead to citations from regulators. Carryback is a primary source of spillage that can build up over time causing belt idlers and pulleys to wear and in a worst scenario could become a fire hazard. Carryback can also create an artificial crown on the return side of the conveyor leading to alignment issues. In general, carryback and spillage are signs of an unsafe workplace.

Conveyor cleaners need to be regularly maintained to work properly. Safety is important in maintenance considerations as well as reducing the amount of downtime associated with the maintenance program. After all, the conveyors serve as the production arteries, clearing coal from the face, and downtime on a mainline conveyor usually idles the entire operation.

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