By Gina Tverdak, Associate Editor

This year’s Bluefield Coal Show is shaping up to be another success. With more than 230 exhibitors, and more than 15 on the waiting list, the Bluefield Chamber of Commerce feels very fortunate that companies are still coming out to support this show that runs from Wednesday, September 16, until Friday, September 18, at the Brushfork Armory, in Bluefield, W.Va. According to Chamber President Marc Meachum, this year’s show has two exciting additions. The show will feature a new tent—a clear span structure with no polls. Although the new tent was more expensive, Meachum said it will provide better lighting as well as better maneuverability for equipment and the attendees walking the show floor.

Another exciting aspect to this year’s show is the special campaign, “A Voice for Coal.” The Chamber and the National Mining Association (NMA) has teamed up to focus on two important and timely topics, supporting Appalachian coal and climate change. Through the NMA’s ACT program, attendees will be able to submit pre-written letters to the Congressional representatives of their state. Attendees will be provided computer access where they can fill out the “Take Action” form supporting one or both issues. If an attendee can’t make it to the campaign room, they can submit their information on special cards to volunteers. Volunteers will then input the letter information for them. Meachum is hoping several thousand letters will be sent out during the show. The campaign, which is already available on the NMA’s Web site, will run throughout the show.

Hal Quinn, president and CEO of the National Mining Association, will deliver the Keynote Address: “The New Political Landscape for Coal,” at the Media Appreciation breakfast Wednesday morning. Following the breakfast, Quinn, dignitaries, and special guests will make remarks and officially open the coal show by cutting the ribbon in front of the armory at 9:50 a.m.

This year’s speaker seminars will be held on Wednesday, starting at 3 p.m. with a repeat of Quinn’s keynote address. At 3:30, “Challenges and Opportunities for Coal,” will be presented by Mike Peelish, executive vice president and chief sustainability officer, Alpha Natural Resources. Following Peelish at 4 p.m., Bill Raney, president of the West Virginia Coal Association, will present “West Virginia Coal Industry Issues—Mountaintop Mining Removal.” At 4:30, “Innovations for Mining: Smart Services,” will be presented by Mike Adamczyk, vice president-global engineering for Joy Mining Machinery. All seminars will take place in the main building, front classroom of the armory.

Coal Age recently contacted several exhibitors in the hopes of obtaining a sneak peek into their booth displays. What follows is just a glimpse of the new products that attendees will see while visiting this year’s show.

Baldor Electric will display the Dodge MagnaGear XTR. This extra tough reducer has been engineered to offer maximum reliability and superior performance in tough, high torque applications. It is available with parallel shaft or right angle configurations and will initially offer torque capacities up to 920,000 lb-in. The modular design of the product allows for multiple mounting configurations and can be used with a variety of soft start mechanisms, making it ideal for a variety of conveying applications. This heavy duty, cast iron product features gearing that is carburized, hardened, and precision ground. Tandem HBNR lip seals are standard for extra protection, all bearings exceed AGMA standards for L10 life, and all components are power matched for optimum performance at a lower installed cost. In sizes over 390,000 lb-in., the MagnaGear XTR features the Dodge planetary design, providing a compact, durable, light weight and economic solution for high torque applications.

Bucyrus will exhibit advanced room-and-pillar equipment and innovative belt systems products including a 25M2 Continuous Miner, a 488D Un-A-Trac scoop, idler rolls, scraper systems, a combination drive, and a belt buddy. The Bucyrus 25M2 is a mid-seam continuous miner that  sumps at the top of the seam and shears downward to the mine floor. A CLA (centrifugal loading arm) gathering head (3- or 6-finger CLA with replaceable tips) loads coal on the conveyor. The 25M2 has a powerful variable frequency drive (VFD) traction system with wide crawlers for maximum tractive effort
and low ground pressure. It is powered by a 500-hp cutter head. The total installed power is 888 hp. The 25M2 has a load rate of up to 25 tons per minute and a traction speed of up to 85 feet per minute. Optional radio remote/machine control with graphic display is available, as is dust suppression in the form of a wet-bed scrubber with either a side-
or top-mounted inlet, depending on
the model.
The Un-A-Trac 488D scoop offers an alternative to battery-powered low-seam utility vehicles when severe conditions are present. The 488D features a 156-hp turbocharged, diesel engine mated to a heavy-duty four-speed, Dana powershift transmission. The power train is housed in a robust frame that is 37.5 inches high when equipped with urethane-filled 35 x 15-15 tires. The Bucyrus diesel power pack can be provided in a fully permissible MSHA-approved version. It has a lift capacity of 16 tons and the Bucyrus Quick Attach System allows connection of a versatile range of attachments.

Bucyrus will display two categories of idler rolls from its complete range of carry and return idlers for underground and aboveground applications: steel rolls and Exalon rolls. Every Bucyrus roll is triple-tested for rotational torque, total indicated runout and bearing play—and the data is stored with the unique identifying data and serial number allowing monitoring of roll life. The steel roll incorporates several patent-pending innovations and offers longer service life. It employs a tapered roller bearing retention method which positions the bearing while ensuring consistent, reproducible end-play. The new steel roll features a new patent-pending grease retention method called Positive Automatic Lubrication or “Idler PAL” designed to ensure that the bearing is lubricated at all times.

Exalon rolls are made of a high-molecular-weight polyethylene. It is  approved by MSHA for flame resistance to ensure safe use in underground applications.  Exalon rolls have low coefficient of friction, allowing the belt to slide over frozen rolls without damage and do not expose steel edges that could tear or damage conveyor belting.

Mounted on the face of the discharge pulley, Bucyrus scraper blades are used as the primary or secondary cleaner on conveyors. A lateral sight gauge allows precise scraper tensioning, which is achieved by grease, air or hydraulic means. Bucyrus scraper blades are available in different hardnesses for different conditions and conveyor belt speeds.

The Bucyrus Combo Drive consists of a drive unit and a take-up—all within one base. This configuration allows for driving panels up to 1,500 ft and is ideal for small- to mid-sized mining environments. Available as a stock model, the Combo Drive comes standard in 42- and 48-inch belt widths. 

The Bucyrus Belt Buddy is designed to facilitate the quick and efficient removal or replacement of both top and return Idlers. Made of aluminum alloy, the Belt Buddy is very light. Available in any belt width, the Belt Buddy makes changing rolls and idlers on the belt conveyor a quick, easy and safe, one-person task.

According to Cincinnati Mine Machinery Co., the combination of an even pitched chain and dual sprockets provides better chain-sprocket interactions, which yields less noise and smoother operation. The company will display a new chain flight forging designed to allow the sprocket to enter a driving pocket and increases strength and rigidity in the flight pin weld joint. A larger chain pin size provides more tensile strength and increases wear life. On one chain installation the operator was currently under MSHA citation operating at 167% of the noise threshold limit. When the DA-3502-A chain was installed it brought the continuous miner into compliance at 115% of the threshold limit.

Duraline has been supplying its Duraline Z-100 Heavy Duty Wear Lining material to the mining, coal preparation, and mineral processing industry for more than 45 years. This cost-effective material can be used in chutes, sumps, underflow pans, hoppers, cyclones, storage bins and silos, etc. In addition to Duraline’s original Z-100 wear resistant product, the company also offers a line of highly abrasion and corrosion resistant Duraline Duraclad Ceramic Beaded Epoxy Resin lining/coating products and Tile Adhesives. The Duraline “Fast Set” Ceramic Beaded C-301FS wear resistant Epoxy Resin is especially formulated to allow “quick cure/short down time” repairs in as little as 30 minutes.

A new company for the show this year is Hansen Transmissions, and its UniMiner is designed to serve the robust requirements of the mining industry. A rugged cast iron housing with reinforced ribbing, it provides strength for harsh environments. The housing is a horizontal split case design and allows user-friendly maintenance should the need arise. Other key features include inspection covers with easy access and “flippable” housing. The flippable housing design allows one unit to be used for either right or left-handed applications. Comprised of parts manufactured in the U.S. and with a strategic stocking plan, the UniMiner sets the standard for short lead times. Hansen gearing is state-of-the-art Class 11 Case Carburized and Ground. Lanterns are available to make these an alignment-free drive system. The lanterns are designed for either VFD (close coupled) or fluid couplings.

Inpro/Seal will showcase its bearing isolator. A patented labyrinth seal protects against lubrication loss and contamination ingress. The Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator requires zero maintenance, reduces downtime and eliminates equipment malfunction due to bearing failure. They are installed on pillow blocks, pumps, motors, gearboxes and other rotating equipment. Inpro/Seal also offers two other distinct product lines: the Inpro/Seal Air Mizer is a non-contacting shaft seal that protects against product loss and contamination. The company will also display its Current Diverter Ring, which protects bearings on VFD controlled motors by diverting stray shaft currents to ground instead of through the bearing race.

J. H. Fletcher & Co. will display a large diesel tractor, designed to haul longwall shields and supplies, and a unit that includes a Mercedes diesel engine, Kessler axles, Clark transmission, and features the new Fletchbus control system. The initial 3800-Series custom tractor, designed by Fletcher for an Illinois customer, has become a full-fledged product line. The tractors are used to transport materials, supplies, and equipment into the mines efficiently. Each unit features a fifth wheel and pintle hitch arrangement, powerful diesel engine, four-wheel drive, pressurized and enclosed cab, and the added maneuverability of an articulated chassis.

Jennmar will introduce several new products: Twin-Lok, a new product by J-Lok (Jennmar’s own affiliate), ExpanBol PyThon, and the new “PH” Roof/Rib channel. Twin-Lok is a two speed resin that combines fast setting point anchor resin with slower setting resin for full encapsulation. Twin-Lok allows the roofbolter to install resin cartridge and bolt from normal operating positions for safer installation; only one full length Twin-Lok cartridge per bolt. Twin-Lok is for use with fully grouted torque/tension bolts.

Jennmar has also developed the ExpanBol PyThon. Its high load capacity with elongation properties provide for cost savings and safer working environment. The ExpanBol range consists of three products: the ExpanBol Standard for lighter applications with a load capacity of 12 tons, ExpanBol MIDI load capacity of 16 tons, and the ExpanBol Super with a capacity of 24 tons.

Jennmar will also display the new PH Roof/Rib Channel. It controls roof/rib sloughage, “cutter roof,” and enhances performance of wire mesh. It is easy to install and provides “active” support to roof and rib. It also prevents accidents caused by rib-roll and sloughage and promotes a safe working environment.

Joy Mining Machinery will display a  continuous miner with some of the latest zero harm features including the Wethead cutterhead and the new dual-sprocket conveyor showing the robust sprocket teeth that drive every pitch for smoother, quieter chain action. The Joy BH-18AC Battery Hauler will demonstrate the latest VFD system. In a separate display, Joy’s new shuttle car suspension, Joyride, will be shown for the first time. A BF-17A Feeder-Breaker will be on display to show why Stamler Feeder-Breakers continue to lead the market in reliability, durability, and production. Continental Crushing & Conveying will launch a new product rebuild program. The winch that will be displayed was completely rebuilt to “like-new” condition. Joy’s new Gear Lube will be displayed. This synthetic lube is formulated and extensively tested to meet the rigorous demands of Joy’s mining equipment. Joy’s new Technical Information Portals Service will demonstrate what an operator needs to know to keep Joy equipment running efficiently—all at the click of a mouse.

Pro Point and Pro Bore tools from Kennametal can improve overall productivity, profitability and safety in most mine operations. The newly designed Pro Point conical incorporates Kennametal’s Slimline and Extended NB tip features, which work together to provide a significant reduction of total cutting forces (vertical, drag, side). According to the company, the result is outstanding penetration, more uniform material size and shape, minimal dust generation, and reduced power consumption. Proprietary Pro Bore roof bits feature a helix flute design that pulls cut rock and dust through a center hole and away from the drilling site, improving material flow and minimizing side wear due to material build-up. A new three-step arch design further improves productivity, resulting in quieter drilling, easier drill removal, and a 17% increase in drilling speed in some applications.

Pillar Innovations will display a variety of products including fiber optics, atmospheric monitoring, intelligent power supplies, leaky feeder systems, belt monitoring, belt fire suppression, and mobile telescoping towers. Pillar also specializes in PLC programming, software design, network integration, interoperability solutions, and wireless systems.

Precision Pulley & Idler’s new Pro Duty pulley line uses a profiled end disc with an integral hub machined into the solid one piece end disc. It will be standard on the Mine Duty Class and Engineered Class pulleys at about the same price as the old conventional welded hub end disc design. One of the latest additions to the PPI product line is the new catenary structure. It uses PPI’s sealed ball bearing idlers with a versatile catenary stringer system. PPI’s structure consists of a feature packed system built to handle the toughest applications.

Richwood will display its Loading Station/Tailpiece (LST), an integrated combination unit for belt conveyor loading areas. The LST has heavy-duty supporting structure, Combi-Pact Impact Saddles, RocKnocker Gravity V-Plow, Richwood Canoe Liners, Richwood Return Slide Idlers, and customer specified tail pulley and bearings. The modular designs mean custom engineering and fit with shorter lead time for delivery. Richwood’s patented component designs provide quick and easy maintenance access from beside the conveyor with the belt in place, and all-Richwood construction means no mismatched parts on retrofits.

Sandvik Mining and Construction specializes in equipment and tools used in mining and civil engineering worldwide. Sandvik invests more than 3% of its total sales revenue in R&D each year to offer its customers the most productive and technologically advanced products available. Equipment, cemented-carbide tools, service and technical solutions for coal mining is a large part of Sandvik’s offering. Sandvik will showcase conveyor components, cemented-carbide tools, the TS495 diesel shield hauler, the LS281E battery scoop, and the DM120 twin boom roof bolter.

Swanson Industries supplies  hy-draulic, machining, plating, and laser cladding services with expertise in designing and manufacturing new products; remanufacturing and repairing components; engineering; and distribution of certified products for the mining industry. Morgantown Machine & Hydraulics, a division of Swanson, repairs hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves, and motors. New product lines include Kamat longwall pumps, Seebach filters, Deron Products, Weinhold pipe, longwall monorail systems. Morgantown Technical Services, also a division of Swanson, repairs an average of 800 shields annually, from “wash and wax” to complete rebuilds.

U.S. Tsubaki, Inc.’s mining chains  are used in underground, above ground, and prep plant applications. The complete line of mining chains includes: shuttle car chain, feeder breaker chain, tram drive chain, crawler chain and jig washer chain. All of the common mining chains are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment. The company also manufactures made-to-order chains and attachment configurations for individual requirements.

Since 1974, United Central’s core mission has been to help North American mine operators lower their cost per ton and increase their productivity while providing the gold standard in customer service. With 25 branches, United Central’s highly trained product management team, 1,100 manufacturing partners, and 180 delivery vehicles offer more than 60,000 line items delivered to mine sites daily.