Becker plans to use its experience in Europe to serve the American market.

Bristol, Virginia-based Becker Global America, the largest longwall electrics provider, recently announced plans to manufacture roof supports in the U.S. “Becker currently builds roof supports in Poland,” said Greg Sanders, president, Becker Global America. “Working cooperatively with Becker’s subsidiary in Poland, Becker Warkop, we will soon export that technology to America through a joint manufacturing agreement.”

Sanders said that Becker was looking at several locations for a new facility, which will be located in either West Virginia or Virginia to build roof supports and provide service for the American market. “Right now, we’re working in cooperation Becker Warkop to deliver a set of roof supports to Warrior Met and we’re talking to several other U.S. longwall operators,” he said. “We will start delivering shields from Poland to Warrior Met at the end of this year and that will continue through the second quarter of 2023.”

Becker Global America is currently acting as a sales representative for Becker Warkop, which is located in Swierklany, Poland, until the company installs its roof support manufacturing technology in the U.S. “In about 12 to 18 months, we should be able to start integrating American-made roof supports,” Sanders said. “As far as the hydraulic controls, Becker will install whatever system the customer wants.”

“This is not a new venture for Becker,” Sanders said. “Becker Warkop has been manufacturing roof supports since 1991. The company has the experience and understands the technology, and that’s why we were selected by Warrior Met to supply their next new face.” Becker recently performed concept testing with Warrior Met in Katowice, Poland.

In related news, Sanders mentioned that Becker Global America is supplying its Arc Guard system for the new Century mine that Allegheny Metallurgical is developing in West Virginia. “We’re installing a complete electrical system for that mine, and it will be the first to use the Arc Guard system for its longwall electrics,” Sanders said. “Becker’s patented arc-resistant system will be used throughout the mine. We will be shipping the system for the longwall in February of next year.”