Organizers revamp program for open-pit mining conference

by steve fiscor, editor

Like most mining disciplines, open-pit mining is on an evolutionary track of steady improvement. On one front, autonomous haulage is attracting a lot of attention. That may not be a viable option for every mine, but most mines are definitely interested in getting the most they can from large haul trucks and primary loading tools. This rendition of the Haulage & Loading (H&L) conference will try to get its arms around what’s happening, what will happen, and how additional safety and productivity improvements can be made.

In addition to some of the high-tech options available to mine engineers and mine managers, several H&L 2019 presentations will explore strategies for pit management and improving safety on mine sites. The concepts will range from contractors sharing their experience to a haul road expert debating the investment decision for rebuild versus maintenance. Merging all of this together is the human element and training operators to think about on-the-job performance.
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