South Korea will temporarily shut down 10 coal-fired power plants that are more than 30 years old next month to mitigate air pollution, according to the Straits Times. New South Korean President Moon Jae In vowed during his election campaign to close the old coal power plants and to review a plan to increase coal power generation. He also advocated for increasing the share of renewable energy. The South Korean presidential office, or the Blue House, said it will temporarily suspend operations of the older coal power plants in June for one month to reduce the incidence of fine-dust pollution that they cause. Moon instructed his senior secretary for social affairs to set up a government body dedicated to tackling the fine-dust issue, which would act as a task force team inside the government. The temporary shutdown is likely to have little impact on South Korea’s power supply, an energy ministry official said, as they represent only 4% of the country’s energy supply.

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