The plant would burn 12 million tons of coal per year from a surface mine operated by Peabody. Huaneng, the largest generator in China and second largest in the world, will operate the power plant. Calera brings its proprietary technology to convert CO2 into solid carbonates that can be used as building materials. Every ton of captured CO2 is expected to produce 2 tons of cement construction material. In the coming months, the parties will evaluate engineering plans.

In related news, Peabody Energy and Yankuang Group Co. Ltd. are pursuing development of the planned Wucaiwan Energy Center in the Zhundong Region of Xinjiang in Northwestern China. The center would include development of a 20 million ton-per-year surface coal mine, which will provide the fuel for a 2,000-mw supercritical power plant and a substitute natural gas facility producing 4 billion-m3 of gas annually.